“THE WAACKERS is a dynamic group of talented individuals, based in Los Angeles, who believe in the positive preservation, promotion and evolution of the Waacking dance culture. Founded in December 2008 by Kumari Suraj (Frankie Douglas), members of The Waackers have dedicated their time and energy to learning the true history, movement foundation, musicality and lifestyle of Waacking.

Kumari Suraj cultivated a group of dancers from a wide range of dance backgrounds. The Waackers includes bboys, poppers, lockers, house, jazz, hip hop, salsa, classical Indian and ballet dancers that have all come together to embrace the art of Waacking. Each member’s unique dance background is reflected in their style of Waacking; several are accomplished choreographers and dance instructors.

The Waackers have performed for Jody Watley, Mya, Carmit Bachar (former Pussy Cat Doll), a private performance for Madonna in London and can be seen in music videos for such artists as Estelle and Toni Braxton. The Waackers have toured, performed and taught workshops together in China, Poland,Australia, Russia, London, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Paris, Los Angeles and South Africa.

On the underground circuit, The Waackers, host, compete and judge dance events held in Los Angeles, New York City, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In addition to training with Kumari Suraj, the crew has been inspired, influenced and/or taught by Waacking/Punking originals and master practitioners such as; Tyrone Proctor, Dallace Zieglar, Viktor Manoel, Anna Sanchez, Toni Basil, Angel Ceja, King Aus, Yoshie, Shabbado, Carey Yasis and Patrick Allen. The rigorous training has pushed the crew to evolve into creative Waacking innovators, explorers. Pushing the limits of art and life.

Kumari Suraj and The Waackers work hard to cultivate the culture of Waacking by building their community with competitions, workshops and events such as; “Freak Me Funk Me”, “LA’s Annual International Waack/Punk/Pose Festival” and “The Hype – 90’s Party”.

If you spot them out for a night on the town or in class, The Waackers can usually be seen rolling around on the floor and each other wearing Vlado kicks or fabulous heels looking sensational!! EEOOWW!

Thank you the legends and pioneers of this amazing dance who have inspired and mentored us through the years. Without your inspiration and sacrifice none of this would be possible.

***This video is dedicated to all the family past and present who have rocked with us since the beginning. We salut you!


Crew Founder – Kumari Suraj

Marketing & Communication – Lashaun Price

Fashion Stylists – Raquel Cabrera, Marylin Corwin & Kumari Suraj


The Waackers Crew Reel 2008-2012 www.TheWaackers.com. Historically the 1st

Waacking Crew (not House) birthed from the “Waacking Resurgence Era”. 2003-Present









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