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ABDC Executive Producers Abe Hoch, Karen Schwartz &
Howard Schwartz at Randy Jackson’s America’s Best
Dance Crew Season 7 Return Of The Superstars Episode
3 Madonna Week – Backstage of Stage 29 at the Warner
Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA. The event took place on
Saturday, April 21, 2012. Photo by Sthanlee B. Mirador_
Pacific Rim Photo Press. 2012 © Sthanlee B. Mirador_Pacific
Rim Photo Press. All Rights Reserved

NYC Audition Photos

LA Audition Photos

Who’s in Dance Mogul Magazine: Dance Mogul’s on the RISE

Rachel *We Are Heros* Brian *Most Wanted Crew* *I Am We*
Abdc Special Edition:
Dance Mogul Magazine is pleased to express its gratitude for the superb opportunity to cover America’s Best Dance Crew. Our current special edition issue reflects the tremendous advantages ABDC has provided for dancers over the years. Our journey started out from a 8 hour car ride in a blizzard of all things to get from from DC to NYC for the east coast auditions in January 2012. Rain , sleet , hail , snow, it didn’t matter , it was important for us to be there. While there we had an inside eye to the entire grueling all day process that the dancers had to go through for a chance to live their dreams of being America’s Best Dance Crew. Not only did the blizzard didnt stop us, but it didnt stop the dancers either from show up and showing out in large numbers. There where people of all ethnic backgrounds from kids, teens, young adults, and even moms all united in one place through the power and love of dance. Really a sight to see knowing how far our great country has come since the negative times where this wasn’t even humanly possible.
Abdc Special Edition:
The unique thing about Dance Mogul Magazine is not only are we the first press of our kind, but we are dancers as well. So we feel by us serving as press at ABDC was a learning experience for us to be able go back into other dance communities to help uplift and empower them with the tools and resources they need to be able to compete on the show. What we learned is that its not all about dancing, you have to be professionally polished and level headed to be able to compete and complete the task asked of you.In conclusion we see that it takes alot of hard work to produce ABDC, so they expect the crews to work hard. Their hard work ultimately helps to produce a quality show that people at home will enjoy. We look forward to seeing ABDC continue to provide opportunities and we look forward to helping dancers taking advantage of them to help support their families and communities.


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