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“In my work with young people I often see that they receive a lot of misinformation, mainly because they lack access to professionals in the field. Dance Mogul Magazine is an indispensable resource of accurate information for young dancers, providing the opportunity to learn from top industry professionals and benefit from a pool of extensive knowledge.”~ Michael Joy ~ – Director of Artistic and Educational Programs for Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey Ailey Camp Director


“More than ever, we need each other’s support and wisdom in this industry. Let me explain something I have come to learn about dance. Dance is both selfish and selfless. The number one reason dancers dance is because of themselves. A dancer feels good when he/she dances, and a dancer keeps dancing for continual satisfaction, self-exploring, and self-expression. Then, and only then, comes the selfless part (and only for some of us). After we get our fix from dance, we then become highly aware of our audience, and we want them to feel what we are feeling.We want them to relate. We want them to feel included. But like I said, not all dancers get to that ‘selfless’ stage. In my opinion, because dance is primarily selfish, many of us become too independent and too individualistic, to the point where we ignorantly believe “I am all I need”. I think it’s interesting those kinds of dancers/people ignore the fact that there must be a reason why there are 7 billion people on this planet, not one. We need each other. We were created for relationships. We need guidance, positive criticism, positive input, warnings. That’s where generational instruction comes in.Thank you Dance Mogul for providing a door into that.”~Ferly Prado~



” I believe Dance Mogul can definitely help, as media in this generation it is a huge powerful tool and is used massively by our younger generation. Therefore it is definitely a great tool to reach out to them with and if there are people out there they can look up and relate to, then it is a great platform for them to be able to find direction and to further help and inspire them to reach their dreams.” ~Liam Pentland~



Leanna Forcucci Herron on the need for DanceMogulMagazine. ” Yes, especially in the holistic way you are covering the areas of the dance world. Not just focusing on one dance form or what is “popular”. The next generation needs to be schooled about our history across all dance disciplines.”


Royalty Crew and Royalty Knights on the need for DanceMogulMagazine.“Yes totally We believe the dance scene needs a platform to unite all generations of dancers, the pros these days need to help the next generation grow simply because they are OUR legacy.”


Aqura Lacey on the need for DanceMogulMagazine “We definitely need more publications like Dance Mogul to have more platforms to share information. Being in New York now and having to build connections, asking questions and just observing peoples journeys has taken me so much further. I am not sure if I could say the same if I were in a smaller city with limited resources, opportunities and examples. These publications really help to bridge a gap, answers some questions and show the reality of this dance culture.”

Kat Wildish on the need for DanceMogulMagazine. ” Dance Mogul can help connect the generations to respect the past and carry good values into the future with class and aplomb (complete and confident composure or self-assurance : poise)”

Go out and support Dance Dance Mogul Magazine and purchase a copy. This is a dance magazine that has its pulse on the hip hop culture , always honoring hip hop’s legends and royalty, acknowledging present movers and shakers that are making a difference in the Industry as well as in the community and is trying to lead the way to a positive, lucrative future for the hip hop culture.

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