Dance Mogul Magazine was founded in 2010 by Mr. Basil Harris and his son Anthony Harris as a vehicle to promote and engage dancers, dance institutions, creative artists, community leaders, educators, mentors and any organization that can contribute towards community esteem through artistic, healthy and safe resources..

“As the CEO and Co-Founder of Dance Mogul Magazine, one of the country’s leading dance publications, I am thoroughly familiar with the dance community and the major movers and shakers of the performing arts world. I became involved in dance at a very young age, and quickly discovered it as both an avenue of self-expression and a tool for empowerment. For the last 35 years I have not only been active in the dance scene but have also mentored to the youth of my hometown of Newark, New Jersey. I have always been constantly on the search for new ways to engage with the arts and heard over the years from countless dancers that more dance press was needed, where dancers could be seen, heard and express themselves to each other. In 2010 I founded Dance Mogul Magazine as a print and digital publication, the first African-American owned dance magazine in U.S. history.

Strategically assembled by a broad range of contributors with expertise in dance, film, education, fashion, and business our multi-generational team has created a dynamic that keeps readers captivated and united. Dance Mogul Magazine is not limited to the world of performing arts, but is intended to reflect topics of interest that will positively embrace and build on communities nationwide. Dance Mogul has moved from one success to the next, covering major dance events in New York City and beyond, producing features on the major productions and figures of the dance world, and landing interviews with such luminaries as Debbie Allen, Frank Gatson Jr. Laurieann Gibson, Chuck Maldonado and host of others.

Dance Mogul Magazine has currently reached all 50 states and has grown an international market. We are on the bedsides of thousands of young people, and dance studios and other arts related businesses have also subscribed to the new wave of the future. We are currently in the process of partnering with a host of academic institutions across the nation as a resource of choice that will motivate and build on the minds of our youth community and encourage parental involvement by initiating and sponsoring creative avenues to assist students to make and achieve their goals.” – Mr.Harris

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