We’d like to welcome you to a great opportunity to help push culture forward in the artistic community of New Jersey.

The Legacy & Culture Awards are a product of the rich history of music and dance coming out of New Jersey. All of the organizers and honorees have their own legacies and cultural contributions to New Jersey’s artistic history. One of the main genres that all the participants have contributed to is the recent global rise of Jersey Club. Jersey Club is a raw, high energy, cultivated by the youth of Newark, New Jersey. It has over 20 years of success with music and dance. The music side has been cultivated by the Legendary DJ Tameil and the Super Group of Producers, “The Brick Bandits.” The dancing was cultivated by “The Brick City Dancers” and “EnVy Dance Group.” The dance style features local party dances like the Percolator, Lock it Up/ Stolen Car, One Leg Get Back, Rock Ya Hips, and intricate choreography from the local dancers and dance teams/groups. The power of Jersey Club is currently being displayed by popular music artists today, like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and Coi Leray, to name a few. Jerseyclub is one of the most viral hashtags on all social media platforms. It instantly garners algorithm traffic on all of today’s current apps. What started out in New Jersey is now taking the world by storm, and we look forward to doing the same with the Legacy & Culture Awards, awarding musical and dance legacies around the world. We hope you can support and join us this summer for our inaugural event.

For this particular event, we look forward to honoring the contributions of individuals who are no longer with us in physical form but the spirit of their lives continues to live on in New Jersey’s artistic culture. One of those individuals is David “Blaze” Coleman. David was a big New Jersey dance participant and contributor. His initial contributions have spanned over a decade and have benefited many young dancers in the New Jersey Dance community. His mother, Mrs. Coleman, continues to carry on his legacy by helping local dance leaders give back to the community. We look forward to partnering with others to continue David’s legacy of supporting and always completing the necessary missions for forward progression.


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