Heatrock, Ivan Cofield | Toprock Champion | Breaks Kru’s Anniversary


I have always loved dance. It has always been a passion in my life. Over the years my motives as to why I dance have changed numerous times. Stress relief to artistic expression, dance has always been there for me to excerpt these feelings. I try to put all of myself into the dance. Like as if its my last moment to speak without words. After recently losing my sister in and car crash in October, and a long relationship with my girlfriend ending, the dance has been a source of an outlet. I now realize that life is only a moment and you have to live in it the best you can. I dance for myself. I try to release new ideas and creativity into the world through my dance. I have had a long journey with dance.

My dancing begins in Georgie. First just a small boy coping dance movement from his parents and later tv. Then  soon becoming a simply hobby and the “cool thing” to do in school at the age of twelve. Later finding my self in Boston studying under the Floorlords. This will include the teachings of Lino Delgado, Alfonso “Megatron” Hunt, Ralph “Dash” Montalvo, Domino and Float. I now dance in several crews and have many collaborations. This will include; Style Machines with Snap 2, popping collaboration with Lady Beast, top-rock collaboration with Lady C, and my Bboy crews Del Fuego Wolfpack and Cypher Sons. I will continue to dance as long as I live. I love to express inspire and teach. One day I pray my name will live on as an amazing dancing.


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