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Dance Mogul Magazine was invited to be apart of a historic meeting held by Zulu Nation. The Universal Zulu Nation is undergoing an internal restructure and is re-branding their vision and purpose. Counsel members spoke candidly to on lookers, briefing everyone on what will be expected of them. The changes come at a time when Hip Hop has been watered down and franchised out. Zulu Nation plans to strengthen its core and help it’s members understand the real meaning of real Hip Hop. They invited honorable speakers from all over the country to help drive home the point of mind, body and spirit. The meeting concluded with hip hop under going a face lift, that will include corporate structured collaborations and its own internal press.


Dance Mogul Magazine is pleased to announce we have been invited to be apart of Zulu Nation’s restructure. Counsel members made clear their intentions of wanting Dance Mogul Magazine to be apart of their New vision. The invitation comes at a time where we were able to show the God father of Hip Hop Mr. Afrika Bambaataa his featured article along with other Zulu Nation member’s articles in the Upcoming issue of Dance Mogul Magazine. Mr.Bambaataa smiled at his article and gave his personal words of approval for what Dance Mogul Magazine is doing. Ultimately expressing the need for more sterner collaborations. We were also able to show the Zulu Nation featured articles to other Counsel members, who also firmly expressed their passion about the restructure and including Dance Mogul Magazine.
We are proud to announce that Mr. Afrika Bambaataa and other counsel members have extended Dance Mogul Magazine the opportunity to be apart of the New Zulu Nation App that will be available in March 2013. Needless to say we are honored and humbled by this offer. The offer comes at a time when Zulu Nation is geared towards making sure that all their members respect and prop up the women/queens of our society.
We would like to thank the Supreme World Counsel, all the Zulu Nation Chapters and all the Zulu Nation members. Catch Afrika Bambaataa and Zulu King Slone in the next issue of Dance Mogul Magazine special feature article.

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