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Ashleigh Thornton is the Owner and Creator of NoireNaturals LLC an all natural line of hair products, designed to cater to the unique needs of kinky, curly, and wavy hair types. Ashleigh launched NoireNaturals on September 17, 2011, completely debt free, only using savings from internships with companies such as Procter & Gamble and Hallmark Cards Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri. Since its launch, NoireNaturals been featured on several radio and TV stations, including FOX Charlotte, and local newspapers, such as The Charlotte Observer and The Charlotte Post. NoireNaturals has also received both national and international attention, recently being featured in the November 2012 issue of Seventeen Magazine.



In addition to being an entrepreneur, Ashleigh is a senior-level honors student at UNC Charlotte. Dance Mogul Magazine is constantly searching the globe to find those that know their purpose is to inspire and empower others, especially our youth. During the time of our countries worst economic hardships it is urgent that we find those that are willing to give and we are proud to present Ashleigh, not only a go getter , but a go giver.

Dance Mogul: Tell us about your educational experience and how you now use that to help grow your business of hair care products and your inspirations for doing it?


Ashleigh Thornton: Though I am not a chemistry major, I believe that it was the discipline and invaluable skill sets that I developed through my studies in the Belk College of Business and Honors Program at my university (UNC Charlotte) that have aided me in creating a successful business. My inspiration for starting NoireNaturals came when I decided to stop using chemical straighteners and go natural. I experimented with several different products, and found that many of them contained harmful ingredients; once I learned that there were many other people who shared my same frustration, I decided to formulate an all-natural product line of my own.



Dance Mogul: What advice would you have for female dancers in regards helping them manage their hair after hours of rehearsals?


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Ashleigh Thornton: I actually danced ballet for 11 years, so I know the struggle! After practice (depending on the intensity of the rehearsal) a quick spritz with a mixture of tea tree oil and water can usually do the trick for freshening up, in place of actually washing your hair*

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Dance Mogul: How did you get involved with motivational speaking and why do you feel that field is so needed for our youth today?


Ashleigh Thornton: I think we all have the responsibility of “paying it forward.” In addition to continuing to grow my own small business, I also have a strong desire to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among other members of our community. I have seen firsthand how much of an impact the success (and failure) of small business has on the economic well-being of our country, and one of my goals is to actually serve as an elected official, with a special interest in representing the concerns and needs of those who have consistently been underrepresented in our government, that group is the younger generation.



Dance Mogul: No matter what field you partake in the most important ingredient is to have a strong work ethic, can you tell us how you built yours and how have you been able to maintain it?


Ashleigh Thornton: Being one of the youngest entrepreneurs in a multi-billion-dollar industry, while also being a full-time student, has taught me many things; most importantly, it has taught me that in life, especially in business, sometimes you just have to go for it. You have to be fearless, with solid faith, and COMPLETE confidence in your abilities, you have to persevere and keep on pushing.


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