Kanye West | Crazy or Conscious ?

Kanye I feel your frustration, it too shall pass. People have no idea about the knowledge of self and how important it is, but I don’t blame them because I remember when I had no idea. Ironically the people that are privileged to the knowledge and know better are the ones who have yet to yield any TANGIBLE results or join you on a fight to kick down doors for future generations. I have no opinion or judgement on them either, the universe deals with all of us accordingly.

If we know individuals of the same morals and principles we should be supporting them by any means necessary in any way we can. Shame on those who watch, know, and do nothing, but feel they have the right to judge. The issue is not Kanye the artist, he is an entertainer that is his job, but the issues that he is bringing up in these interviews are very real and relevant to culture, so to look past those issues like they’re not the point and say he is ranting or whatever is counter productive. WE ALL RANT, isn’t that what Malcolm and Martin were doing, they were ranting, some might call it preaching. lol. Difference is at least when people heard and seen things back then, there was ACTION.

Kanye is an imperfect genius. We all are, collectively if we embraced that ability inside of us we would be so much further. Id rather focus on the positive that he brings to the table, most people cant even have an intellectual conversation about social responsibility anymore or what great things we as African Americans can be doing if we empowered each other.

By: Anthony Harris

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