Willie Estrada ( Defender of the Latin Hustle and Rock Dancing)

Dance Mogul Magazine is at the forefront of documenting the untold stories within the dance culture all over the country. We ventured to the Bronx and uncovered stories of the original Hustle and Rock dancing. Willie Estrada pre dates the term hip hop and its coined dance names within the culture. You my be asking yourself well how does this relate to me. DanceMogulMagazine puts more value in people like Willie, a proven defender of dance culture and a pillar in his community. Dance Mogul Magazine is the only media source that will go into communities and conduct interviews that ask pertinent questions that will move the culture forward, unlike other media sources that are video taping people just dancing and not getting any historic value to help move the community forward. While most value Facebook likes and fake YouTube views, we will never follow the trend. We will always set the standards. It is our hope that that if we conduct interviews with people of substance that we can move the culture forward.

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