DancersGlobal Presents: An Interview with Dance Mogul Magazine

In today’s crazy world it’s hard to find positive online media outlets committed to empowering the youth. This is exactly what sets Dance Mogul Magazine apart from the rest.

Dance Mogul Magazine is in the forefront of today’s online digital magazines, providing content focused on positivity and purpose. Through dance, fashion, community outreach, interviews, and more, Dance Mogul Magazine is bringing the elements of hip-hop culture back to its positive roots.

Since DG is about providing exposure, helping the dance community, and hip-hop culture in general, it makes perfect sense to align ourselves with a multi-media outlet that’s making a difference.

What kind of impact do you hope to make through Dance Mogul Magazine’s content?

With the content we are constantly attaining, we hope to have the same impact that Hip Hop had on our culture in the early 80′s. It was fresh and exciting to everyone. Since there were so many elements there was no way you could get bored, but over time our culture has been prone to being showcased in a negative light. We here at Dance Mogul Magazine hope to change people’s perspective, not only our dance culture, but Hip Hop/Urban culture in general. At the end of the day we believe in the gems in our communities and we look forward to helping them shine.

How do you choose the talent that will feature in each issue? Is there a specific process?

We focus on positivity and purpose. A lot of people have talent, but we focus on what are you doing with that talent. Are you using it to uplift others and give back to your community no matter what level of success you are at? We believe in propping up everyone; from the everyday working person with talent chasing their dreams, to the people who have attained their dreams and are making others dreams come true. There is no specific process, we try to put out the same energy we like to receive, and so far that has been working.

What’s your connection to ABDC?

Like Dance Mogul Magazine, America’s Best Dance Crew has an interest in providing a positive platform for the youth to express themselves. Their platform unites people from all over the world, teaching them discipline, dedication, and determination along with giving them tools they will need to succeed in their future.

We where blessed with the opportunity to be able to cover the behind the scenes auditions in NYC, and the experience was amazing. To watch and document the whole process was very informative and we feel that we can take our experience and help with the development of crews in our own community.

We know what ABDC’s expectations are very high, so dance crews will soon learn that they will have to go through artist development, meaning their dance moves will not only have to be polished, but their professional bearing will have to be on point as well. ABDC also aloud us to do a cover feature on them, so we are excited for April’s release, and we look forward to bridging the mainstream success of ABDC with communities across the nation.

What are some of the current/future projects you’ll are working on?

We feel that the content that’s in the issues of the magazine will serve as tools and resources to help dancers and everyday people succeed. We will stick to the script of always featuring people willing to help the youth by sharing their wisdom. We are currently looking for those types of people to collaborate with on future projects, whether it is the magazine or motivational speaking engagements. The magazine is not limited to dance, so the sky is the limit when you support all realms of the culture.

How can people get involved with your publication?

We have an open policy to individuals, small and large businesses, parents, teachers, and the community.
Feel free to email us [email protected]


Twitter @dancemogulmag


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