Memphis Urban Dance Entertainment is now a local dance league in Memphis with its own network branding partners including an urban dance apparel brand and an online dance game all about Memphis Jookin. Some of the most influential recording artists in Southern rap will be featuring their instrumentals in the league and in the game. Moreover, the purpose of Memphis Jookin uniting is to express the dedication in the community to reach out and pass on the spirit and love of real Memphis jookin, teaching youth about dance as it pertains to life and success in the mind. Special thanks goes out to:
Tarrik Moore, founder of UDIG Dance Academy in 2006 and new age pioneer of Memphis Jookin since 2001. His sacrifices as a dedicated dance entrepreneur have given all Memphis Jookers and rising dancers an opportunity to make more of dance than the world expects them to. He kept the community mindset moving toward success at the most crucial times.
Young Jai, a Memphis born Def Jam recording artist and Jookin community supporter since 2006. He began the viral wave of Memphis Jookin online when he teamed up with Charles “Lil Buck” Riley, Daniel “DPKOM” Price and Terrance “G-Nerd” Smith for a series of dance videos promoting his music and later releasing a documentary series titled Memphis Jookin Volume 1-2, featuring interviews about the dancers and battles of the style as it travelled the nation and thrived in the city. From the garage to the small stage and from the studio to the big stage, WE SALUTE :AMERICAN URBAN DANCE
1993 The first time around,
They were born of the underground.

Experience real authentic dance history. The Memphis Urban Dance movement has evolved from the late 80ʼs pioneer style of Gangsta Walk into the popular performing arts phenomenon, Memphis Jookin since 2001. Organized and marketed by originators G-Style in the 1990ʼs, the Gangsta Walk never left Memphis and was re-formed by the young men of today. The style is publically known worldwide now because of the hard work of Wolf, Romeo and Hurakane way back then.

2006 Since 2006, the once underground dance style has continued to increase value in the mainstream industry being featured by some of the best media sources nationally and globally. Led by Memphis, TN born dancers, the style of Jookin has assisted in launching the careers of todayʼs top rising dancers in the world. Enjoy the timeline displaying all of the social media works from the past and present that continue to prove Memphis a valid source of creativity nationally and globally in the world of dance.2006
The Saga Begins
When we were just ordinary kids,
We stopped time for a moment…..

A supporter of Memphis Jookin uploaded the one of the first ever American urban dance style videos on Youtube i.e. . It is still one of the earliest non-commercial videos that have reached 1,000,000 views from all new style genres. The video represents an indisputable prophecy of what has come to pass in dance today in the world of dance. We brought the time machine to life, living on with one of the cityʼs last untarnished treasures of remarkable art. Thanks go out to all of the party promoters in Memphis for giving us an opportunity to win because we won on the stage and we are still winning now. The video features original members of the Memphis Jookin group known worldwide as G-ForceDaniel “DPKOM” Price
Terrance “G-Nerd” Smith,
Marico “Dr. Rico” Flake
Jonathan “Lil Black” Foster.

2007 Daniel Price…..The American Legend Known as The King.
When one man sows a seed,
The next man can succeed indeed.

Before search engine optimization and “going viral” were publicly popular advertising themes, dancers could still get a lot of views on Youtube. In this most explicitly controversial video, Daniel Price blazed the dance floor in one the most re-watched urban dance videos of 2007-2008. The video lost potential when Youtube censorship laws came into effect soon after. The style kept moving on because Daniel and GForce had already done enough to break the best potential dancers through. Daniel went on to write the first ever manual for Memphis Jookin or any other new urban dance style in America. It is being interactively designed in order to connect the world to what it means when people say Jookin rather than other great styles like breakin, poppin, krumpin, turfin or flexin.

2008 Marico “Dr. Rico” Flake……A teacher among legends.
Training legends is not a hard task,
Being the best and never saying a word is.

When Memphis Jookin became a nationally known dance style to commercial sources is when the one of the most influential urban dancers in Memphis today was brought to light. Marico “Dr. Rico” Flake, a Memphis born pioneer of Jookin since 2001 and local police officer made the way even easier for the dance style and community to increase value in the industry when he was featured in Round 1 on So You Think You Can Dance in 2008. His career as a dancer paved the way for many of the Memphis Dance Worldʼs key talents to become world stars with his scientifically creative, yet spiritual outlook of life with dance. He has helped develop the talents of many of his most worthy opponents in the Jookin arena.

2009 Charles “Lil Buck” Riley……. A King of Memphis Indeed.
There is always one that trumps them all before him.

On his ascent to the peak of world dance success, Lil Buck has carried the load of being a lone ranger in his ranks with his love of Memphis Jookin. He has taken the style every he has been across the world, but not before going on The Ellen Show and launching his superstar career.

2010 G-Force choreographs Janelle Monaeʼs “Tightrope” Music

In an unprecedented feat, G-Force became the first new age urban dance group to become nominated for best video performance and choreography by MTV, Soul Train and the Grammyʼs for Janelle Monaeʼs “Tightrope”. The video featured Ladia Yates, Marico Flake and Charles Riley.


Forever UDIG Dance Academy
Lilʼ Memphis Boys shows us the future of Memphis Jookin is real. 


2011 Lil Buck features with World Famous Cello Player Yo Yo Ma

G. Nerd takes Memphis Jookin national joining the BattleFest Nation in NYC

Known by Jookin fans as the Peopleʼs Champ, G. Nerd has taken his dance career to new heights, networking with other cityʼs dancers and bringing the Memphis style to their audience. He continues to grow the Memphis Jookin community locally and moves closer to creating more success with globally prevalent dancers through events in Memphis.

2012 Charles Riley performs with Madonna at the SuperBowl Halftime Show
2012 Daniel Price goes to Broadway to co-direct in Katori Hallʼs theater production”Hurt Village”
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