Dr. Carl White Associate Dean, School of Engineering for Research Development/Graduate Programs. Director, Innovative STEM Conference (ISC)www.istemfoundation.org

Dance Mogul Magazine was honored to be asked to be a part of the Innovative Stem Conference at the Marriott Baltimore Hunt Valley Inn on March -09-2012. Innovative Stem lead by Dr. Carl White focuses on the value of Arts and Education. Dr. White sees the value of allowing his engineering students the opportunity to express themselves through dance as a part of development process for their engineering program.

Dr. White understands that dancing and enjoying yourself while learning is a plus. The students at the 3 day event seemed very focused and excited about being a part of the program. Students had to give presentations of a theme and develop it before an audience and judge panel. The day was was lead be meals and structured outline. The students got feed back from the judges and their peers. This process promotes peer to peer learning and helps build people skills.

Herb project coordinator:Assist with planning andorganizing student activities
Isaiah activities coordinator:Assist with registering dancersfor the dance competition.
The presentation process helps to get the students ready for public speakingand more.

A certificate of participation was given to each student for participating in the program. The reward system is a good way for a person to see the end result of their hard work. This principle helps them to see that when you work hard in life you will be rewarded.


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