Dance Mogul Magazine was created to document the positive things that today’s youth are doing in their community all over the country also to pay homage to the Dancers that have paved the way for future generations of dancers.

It is our quest to help others awaken their talents, to discover their purpose and to live their dreams utilizing their innate gifts. We hope to be a vessel of encouragement by positioning myself, in a hands on manner, to help the youth develop their craft and quicken their desire to expect more, want more and be more.

God disperses talent, wisdom and understanding, we all are privy to this, but art absent the canvass really isn’t art at all. The canvass is the pertinent foundation to the art format and we must both represent and provide such foundations to bring each art form to life.We where born a dancers, we where born artists and we where born to inspire– Our passion leads us before a great generation of probabilities, a great generation of amazing minds loaded with purpose and we are willing to live our life not for our selves, but to help others find self in purpose!

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