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Thank you for choosing to  advertise with Dance Mogul Magazine. We understand that brand recognition, growing your brand, and product placement are of utmost importance to you. In today’s worldwide marketplace, one of the best ways to stand out and  promote healthy branding is to align your brand with brands that share your purpose. Education and the Arts have always created an atmosphere that is welcoming to all brands and sponsors that could appreciate their products and services being shared with future generations.  Dance Mogul Magazine takes pride in inspiring self-empowerment, and our choices of advertisers are always met with the utmost scrutiny because of  the delicate nature of our audience. We are very selective and careful in our choice for long term partnerships and collaboration. If you  are a reader, a business, or educational institution and would like to promote your business or services, please submit your content for review to the following Email address: 

[email protected].  




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