All Dance Everything Expo | Back to School Event


Dance Mogul Magazine had the honor of covering the All Dance Everything Expo in Memphis TN 2014. This particular dance event had a positive twist to it, community organizers were able to get sponsors like Walmart, Wells Fargo, Nike, and a host of others to contribute free school supplies to the youth of Memphis who would be returning back to school this fall. The event was a huge success, the sold-out venue hosted dancing participates from surrounding states along with media coverage from around the world like Yak Films, Dance Mogul Magazine, and FOX13. The event host Ladia Yates also had her LYE Academy deliver an empowering performance for the community to help inspire them for the upcoming school year. The event also honored various community servants that have been contributing to Memphis and the youth of other surrounding states. We hope that the success of the ADE Expo sparks a new blueprint of how organizers can use dance to help uplift the community. Check out the highlights from the event and stay up to date with the ADE Expo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Congratulations to our ADE EXPO Dance Team Competition winners! HYBRID out of Memphis TN


ADE EXPO all stylez tournament winner! #JAYRADE-EXPO-all-stylez-tournament-winner-JAYR

i Heart Memphis snap em up Dance contest WINNERS!!


kidsKids wait in line as school supplies are handed out.

the infamous Dancerettes killed it at the ADE EXPO!The-infamous-Dancerettes-killed-it-at-the-ADE-EXPO

South Wind High Shut it down !!Muriel out of Alabama receiving an award.

Dance Mogul Magazine Winner

lyEvent Host Ladia Yates

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