Allison Claire | 2019 MTV VMA’s

“Figure out how to brand your life experiences, that way even negative energy can produce positive results.” – Dance Mogul Magazine

Dance Mogul:
What was like performing at the 2019 VMAs?
Allison: Performing at the 2019 VMAs was awesome. So much hard work went into that one moment, and it was amazing dancing with such great people for such an amazing artist.

Dance Mogul: So many women struggle with body image what did mean for all you to be on stage serving such a powerful performance that could empower so many women around the world?
Allison: I never really understood that I was empowering women around the world until recently. I have just been in a bubble of dance, work hard, and things will come. But I love seeing that what we are doing is bringing confidence to so many women and inspiring them. It’s incredible to see how many women are now looking at themselves as beautiful and being unapologetic for who they are. I love it.

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Dance Mogul: What advice do you have for upcoming female dancers that want to become professional?
Allison: My advice would be to work hard, and don’t allow the word any to discourage you. In this industry, you hear more no’s than yeses, so you have to keep pushing, work as hard as you can, and be patient. Try your best to not compare your journey to anyone else’s… Good things will come.

Dance Mogul: Missy had some empowering words for the world about the dance community, how did her stance make you feel?
Allison: It is great to hear that there are artists that respect dancers. So often dancers are used as props and not given respect for the hard work that goes into making a performance or anything for that matter happen. I know that there are a few artists that understand how hard we work but hearing it from a living legend was amazing.

Dance Mogul:
Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you on your journey???
Allison: I would like to thank my parents. They are my number one fans and always made sure I had every opportunity possible to make my dreams come true. I also would like to thank my dance teachers from back home at The Future Dance Center Denise and Gino Vaccaro. They taught me so much and gave me the tools to move to LA. I also want to thank Tricia Miranda. She took me under her wing as soon as I moved to Los Angeles and taught me so much to get me where I am today. I definitely can not forget all the other professional choreographers I have trained with on convention that prepared me for the competitive industry that is out here in LA. They also have hired me on some of the best jobs I have ever had.

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