Dance Mogul: Can you give us a glimpse of life on the road as a dancer?

Antoine Frost Troupe: Well rehearsals were two weeks prior to the start of the tour. A lot of work. We had to learn an hour show in a couple weeks. Every day we were learning and staging choreography. The boys rehearsed with us everyday except for one weekend when they had to go to London for a show. Mindless are some really cool kids. They work hard and dont act like they’re too good at all.  They’re all pretty funny actually. After rehearsals with us they’d go to vocal training.  So they basically were in rehearsals ALL day everyday. One things that’s very important when rehearsing for a tour is focus. We all are a team working together to put together an amazing show. There is no artist, choreographer, dancers we are a team.

Dance Mogul: Are they strict about going out, like drinking and hanging out?

Antoine Frost Troupe: Down time is down time but when its time to work that’s all were focused on. I dont drink or smoke anyways.They’re strict about being where you need to be when you need to be there. There are fines for being late but none of us have had a problem with that. This is a very professional cast.

Dance Mogul: As a dancer do you think about whats next or do you just enjoy the moment?

Antoine Frost Troupe: I try to find a happy median between both. I dont want to think so far ahead that I’m not enjoying every second of this opportunity but at the same time as a dancer everything should be geared towards maintaining work. Tours, Commercials, Music videos etc are all really fun but they aren’t vacation, We have a job to do and if we want to continue to work then we have to do an amazing job.People have to like working with you. In this business people want people who are reliable and deliver.

Dance Mogul: If you wanted to help a 13 year old who was real serious and had the potential to get to where you are now, what information could you give them?

Antoine Frost Troupe: Don’t look to cut the time in half. That’s the best advice to give someone. Work harder than the others around you and never doubt yourself, we all are capable of great things. Also be personable. Know how to talk to people and make your connections. Don’t be desperate and have respect for yourself. A lot of dancers respect the “famous” dancers more than they respect themselves. If you want people to respect you never approach them as if they are bigger than you. They’ll put you in the “fan” zone and there is no returning from there.

Dance Mogul: Thank you for your time.

Mindless Behavior, The Dancers, and assistants Sienna Lyons and Dylan Tizon.

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