Antoine Troupe / Empowering My Dance Career After I Come Off Tour


Antoine Troupe was one of the first dancers to let us know what life was like on tour as a Dancer. He was on tour with the the rising stars Mindless Behavior. Mr.Troupe was generous enough to update us on life after a tour. We hope that as we continue to follow his journey that you can continued to be empowered and inspired to want more and do more.
Antoine Troupe: Since touring with Mindless Behavior last summer I have been continuing my training as well as working on a few projects of my own. I’ve been pushing a lot of my own choreography via my youtube channel and also just started a new web series called “The Session”. The purpose of The Session is to bring together some of the most phenomenal freestyle dancers in the game of different styles and backgrounds that you may not expect to see dance together and have them get down in a cypher and see what happens. The first episode just released and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. On top of that the Mindless Behavior movie comes out in theaters March 15th. This will be my first time being featured in a movie so I’m very excited for that. So overall I’m just staying focused, staying in prayer, and grinding every day.
Link to first episode of “The Session”:

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