Arch Contemporary Ballet | 2016 World Premieres

New York City’s Arch Contemporary Ballet, in its mission to launch ballet and music to an inclusive 21st century audience, presents three world premieres by Artistic Director Sheena Annalise at The Sheen Center with three performances Friday, November 18th – Saturday, November 19th at 8:00 pm.






Friday, November 18th 8:00 pm

Saturday, November 19th 2:00 pm (Autism Friendly performance) 

Saturday, November 19th 8:00 pm 

$25 General Admission, Arch for Autism performance $20


   There will be an autism-friendly modified performance on November 19th at 2:00 pm as part of ACB’s Arch for Autism Initiative. Find out more about our Autism Friendly Performance —>

Dance Mogul Magazine has the exclusive with never before seen photos and sits down with Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise and a few of the cast members about the upcoming premieres.



Dance Mogul: What is the inspiration for this upcoming season and productions?

“This fall season includes a triple bill of World Premiere works I have had in my mind for a few years now.  All three ballets are relevant to today’s society and their different themes are integrated into our day to day lives. ‘Young Blood’ opens the evening and is a message about how you can keep that fire burning in your heart as you get older in life. It’s a reminder to feel good, enjoy yourself, keep yearning for a happy life and to keep your spark within yourself. It has an upbeat brass and percussive score by Matthew AC Cohen that you can’t help but to jam out in your seat, with a fresh take on childhood games as movement inspiration.

In contrast, a dynamic and fluid ‘Plated’ allures the audience with malleable and intriguing shapes in this thought-provoking duet.  I wanted the dancers to represent an image of superficial happiness based on social media expectations, but as their gold dipped bodies entangle, the façade chips away suggesting all is not as it first seems, and the golden posture is merely ‘Plated’.  Enhanced by a sultry saxophone composition and performance by Thomas La Rocca, it is a modern reality society sees and feels every day by putting their best face forward on social media.

Our finale piece ‘Replica’ illustrates how we live in a culture where everything is replicated or reproduced and explores the value of an original object. The striking choreography is stirred with 3D printed costumes. A pulsing original EDM score by Kirsten McCord and a 3D motion capture backdrop in real-time creates a 4D optical illusion on stage. Experimental and intricate body shapes are manufactured by sharp movements and eye-catching lines.” – Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise

“Each premiere work encompasses a different personality that is equally relatable to our everyday lives. “Young Blood,” is upbeat, playful, and fresh. It captures the innocence and ease of youth that we all know and hope to carry with us as we get older.  When you don’t see me on stage dancing, you can bet I will be jamming in the wings, it’s such a fun piece. “Replica” explores our culture’s habit of replicating and reproducing, forcing the original value of a product to be questioned.  The choreography is very enticing and intricate with sharp and elaborate movements. Although the piece is up for interpretation, I connect personally with its concept as I shift between feeling my emotions to an empty, command driven machine sometimes.”

– Katelyn Somers (soloist)

“I feel we are undertaking a new and very interesting path this season. These new works are inspired by the everyday life and society we live in today. Our voice raises from deep thoughts on the current technologic era and comes out as a reflection on the values and ideas that sometimes seem to have been forgotten.” – Patrick Piras (soloist)

Dance Mogul: How are you looking to take dance to the next level?


“In general these days, dance seems to be all about breaking from the past and experimenting with the new. But in my opinion, dance is a discipline that cannot disregard tradition and technique. I feel the power of Arch Contemporary Ballet is the expression of a new and original work that does not refuse the past but instead uses it to go further.”– Patrick Piras (soloist)

“ACB is producing dance that audiences want to see today. It’s exciting! We are expected to move through large and intricate movement with energy and technique to create images that have never been seen before. I continue to discover steps and positions throughout our rehearsal process that I never knew I was capable of achieving. That’s not to mention how impressed I am seeing what my fellow company members can bring to fruition. When director Sheena Annalise asks us to do something seemingly impossible, we say “okay” and figure it out. In “Young Blood” company member Erika Citrin and I dance a fierce female pas de deux(yes there are many lifts as well) that makes me feel like I can take on the world. Between the combination of live music and daring movement throughout the bill, I guarantee each audience member will feel equally as inspired and the new direction we are taking ballet into”. – Katelyn Somers

“One of the amazing things with working with Sheena and ACB is they are looking to put a really modern take on a traditional art form while keeping the foundations of ballet technique intact. We all know and love traditional ballet and everything associated with it, but to see where these dancers are taking it, and to get to write some very nontraditional ballet music has been an incredible experience.  ‘Young Blood’, the piece I composed for, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or written!” – Matthew AC Cohen (Composer)

Dance Mogul: What are you hoping audiences walk away with?



“I hope our audiences are inspired to ask questions within themselves and spark curiosity for self-growth. I want to inspire them to seize the day every day, take a step back and look at how technology may be altering their life, and to take a look around and see how the world is evolving. I want to spark conversation within themselves, and their peers – with this seasons thought-provoking and eye-opening themes.”– Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise

“I expect them to be somehow shaken by our messages.  As an artist, I am more interested in triggering a personal emotion connected to our performances.” – Patrick Piras (soloist)

“I hope audiences walk away feeling excited and energized! I want our performance to be a breath of fresh air.”  – Katelyn Somers (soloist)

“I am hoping that audiences walk away with unanswered questions. Our performances spark emotions we feel every day and I hope that it makes members of the audience think about how they take it all in. These type of unanswered questions can create more intriguing thoughts they can use in their daily lives.”  – Maddie Pineda (apprentice)

“I want them to be grooving in their seats along with the dancers and feed off of the performers’ energy. I want them to feel like they’ve seen something that hasn’t really been done before” – Matthew AC Cohen (Composer)

Dance Mogul: What can we expect for 2017?

“2017 brings more NYC performances than ever with three performing seasons for Spring, Summer, and Fall, including several world premieres and the revival of past work. You can expect our full year announcement this January. I can hint to you another technology-based work that will blow your mind on how movement can create music (a brand new technology still in production phases with this rising tech company) and enticing collaborations including a new opera work.” – Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise



Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you want to thank for helping you?

“My greatest appreciation is for my team of dancers, composers, musicians, and staff behind me who continue to excel at bringing my imagination to life, and the generous supporters and fans who continue to keep us sustainable during these hard times for arts organizations.  Our sponsors this who have brought our visions to life, including Make Mode, a Brooklyn based 3D printing service, who generously printed our 3D costume designs to help bring awareness to this new and exciting technology.” – Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise

“My ensemble of musicians who tirelessly recorded for rehearsals and performed the music for “Young Blood”, the dancers for really bringing the music I wrote for them to live and capturing the spirit of what it is, and to Sheena for bringing me in and allowing me to write for her amazing company. It’s been an incredible experience writing new and exciting pieces.”– Matthew AC Cohen (composer)

“I am appreciative of the high expectations Sheena Annalise has set on the company. She sees something in each of her dancers and without words, she inspires us to give everything we have to our work. I have no doubt that Arch Contemporary Ballet will continue to grow under her direction. Many thanks to Sheena for the opportunity to explore boundaries.” – Katelyn Somers (soloist)



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