AVA Dance Company


Symphonie in Rot.© Avatâra Ayuso

AVA Dance company is calling all Dancers and audiences to be ready for some very special news that they are so excited to announce coming to you all on September 1st All you need to do is watch our Facebook/Twitter page on September 1st afternoon to find out what we have planned! ɅVɅ Dance Company was created in 2008 as a dance laboratory to fulfill the artistic ideas of choreographer Avatâra Ayuso. The company creates high-quality contemporary dance works with collaborators from a range of different disciplines, mainly architecture, poetry, lighting, design, music, and costume. Their vision is to create original contemporary dance productions while engaging diverse audiences. They also have a competition currently taking place which you may be interested in! To take part is completely FREE and FUN! The winner will be collecting a very special prize.
To find out more, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
@Avadancecompany #September 1st


Spero © Peter R. Fiebig

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