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Dance Mogul Magazine Exclusive… 

Dance Mogul: Welcome to Dance Mogul Magazine, how are you holding up during the pandemic?
B-Boy Ronnie: During the pandemic, I have been spending more quality time with my family. I have been training a lot more since I’m not traveling. I also teach a kid breaking program at my studio, District Arts. I also have been working on online projects. I did a recent project with Red Bull called PC1 Revisited, where I was able to interview some of the previous world finalists and get their feedback on how they felt they did during their battles. I started a TikTok and judged a few online battles. Everything moved online and I have been doing a lot more cyber projects. Everything has been good and I’m trying to stay optimistic. I have been training low-key so that I am ready to battle for when the world opens back up.

Dance Mogul: How has your training changed during this time?
B-Boy Ronnie: I feel like I have way more time to train. I’m not traveling so I have more time to heal. I feel that a lot of time when we’re traveling and competing shows that even if I’m injured, I just have to push through it. But now if I have a minor injury, I take a week off and wait until I’m 100% stronger to go into practice mode. Everything has been pretty cool while staying home. I have a wooden floor living room so I move the couch and train at home or I go to the studio. I’m trying to stay active and healthy, physically, and mentally.

Dance Mogul: Who are some of the B-Boy inspirations past and present?
B-Boy Ronnie: Some B-Boy inspirations from the past are a crew named Stylez Elements. From the 80s, Rock Steady Crew, Crazy legs was a very big inspiration. He rocks with us, he’s a part of the Red Bull team. Renegades is a crew I have been watching since the 90s. There was a big breakin moment in 1996 when I got to watch Renegades and Stylez Elements battle it out. Seeing those crews battle it out back in ‘96 and still seeing them relevant is very inspiring. In the present, it would be the people I battle with, Red Bull BC 1 Allstars and my crew.

Dance Mogul: What advice do you have for street dancers during these times?
B-Boy Ronnie: Work on your craft, don’t get discouraged. Stay positive and focused. Use this as a time to get creative and push yourself to elevate and level up.

Dance Mogul: How important is it that Red Bull continues to provide opportunities during these times?
B-Boy Ronnie: It’s very important. I feel that maintaining the momentum, and granted there isn’t any live battles, it’s important to at least move it online and give opportunities to B-Boys and B-Girls to still have a platform to express their creativity. E-Battle created this platform where B-Boys and B-Girls from all over the world have an opportunity to compete at the world finals next year. Granted, its not the same because you don’t have the live crowd but I feel that there is still a lot of positive outcomes. The fact that they can win a competition from the comfort of their own home is unique. I did a project with DJ Wicked and we did a Uni-Cypher where we were able to contact a lot of famous B-Boys and B-Girls and jumped on an IG live stream and we were able to raise money for this non-profit program called Twin Cities Mobile City Jazz. It was for a great cause. Keeping that momentum going even though we’re not able to go to these live events. At least we’re still reinforcing unity and solidarity.

Dance Mogul: Do you see dancing bouncing back as a whole?
B-Boy Ronnie: Most definitely. I feel that this was a wake-up call and a blessing in disguise. It’s time to reflect, sit back, and take a break and reevaluate. This is the perfect time to not rush anything. If we are organizing events and planning on battling, it’s the best time to sit back and strategize. I am taking it as a blessing in disguise. We’ll definitely bounce back from this. I’m optimistic knowing that things are going to be bigger and better when we finally get to go back and compete.

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you on your journey?
B-Boy Ronnie: I would like to thank my family. My wife, everyone that supported me, my crews, Full Force, Jabbawockeez, Super Crew, Seven Commandos, and especially Red Bull. I have been rocking with Red Bull for the past decade. I was there when we first started the All-Stars and now the dance scene has grown to over 20 plus members. I would say these are the people I would like to thank for helping me grow and to maintain, they have been here throughout my journey.

B-boy Ronnie leads a workshop at Red Bull BC One Camp USA in Houston, TX on May 18, 2019 // Julian Bajsel / Red Bull Content Pool // AP-1ZCR7KYXS1W11 // Usage for editorial use only //

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