Brian Antonio Newby | Hannibal | Champion at Breaks Kru’s 10th Anniversary

Dance Mogul Magazine: Where would like to see Streetdancer in 5 years.


Brian Newby: I’ve decided to foresee the “billionaire” streetdancers!
But that’s just me.


SynopsisBorn Brian Antonio Newby on December 21st, 1986, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hannibal dominates the dance community as one of the most talented, stylistic, and unique breakers in the scene. Still at it he has established his own crews, projects, and businesses including 360 Flava, Incredibly Dope, Wealth of Knowledge Clothing Line, and the Clique. He is also a physical trainer and is emerging himself into the business of Physical Fitness by working on his own collaboration of Fitness and Dance.Early LifeDance Inspiration Hannibal was born Brian Antonio Newby on December 21st, 1986, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1997, Newby has been recognized as a dancer with tremendous talent, style, and creativity. Since then, he has established his own crews, projects, and businesses including 360 Flava, Incredibly Dope, Wealth of Knowledge Clothing Line, and the Clique. He is also a physical trainer.Newby grew up with a family of five brothers and sisters, living sometime with his mother and sometime with his father. Having gone through some struggles Newby’s older sister had to assume a motherly role and take care of her younger siblings. Likewise, Newby became very knowledgeable and mature at a very young age. As a kid he had a fascinating curiosity for many things, which later grew into a deep focus and understanding of a wide range of topics. His curiosity, eventually lead him toward dance in 1997 after closely watching his grandmother, mother, and younger brother Bruno dance at the neighborhood block parties. He picked up quick and started his dance journey focusing on popping. After being told that he would not be able to keep up with the breakers, he took on the challenge and started to train in breaking. His passion was found and everyone around him could see him thriving. He earned his nickname, “Hannibal,” after an old man on the street witnessed him battling and proclaimed, “You just keep eating up cats”!PASSION FOR DANCEAlong with smashing the competition and pleasing the crowds, Hannibal also inspired other dancers to break. He started his own movement, 360 Flava where he strived to teach and share the knowledge and full aspect of Hip-Hop. He trained and shared his unique set of skills with many b-boys and b-girls in Philadelphia. Newby also stepped into the commercial business dancing promotionally for BET, Adidas, Nike, HP, and FRS to name a few. He also danced for music artists Schooly D, Fabolous, and Philly’s own Jill Scott. Hannibal was personally sought out to join the renowned Hip Hop dance company, Rennie Harris Puremovement, allowing him to gain experience performing in theatre. In 2012, He was also chosen to be apart of the infamous Bboy World Team, making him the first breaker from Philly on the team. With these accomplishments and more, Hannibal has traveled to battle, teach, and perform nationally and internationally to places including Bolivia for the U.S. Embassy, New Mexico, Switzerland, the Middle East for the Obama Administration, Canada, the UK, and Taiwan. With the combination of his talent, experiences and intelligence, Hannibal has become an outstanding figure in the Hip-Hop community not only in Philadelphia, but worldwide.

Wealth of Knowledge Clothing (Co-Owner)

● 360 Flava(Founder) 2005 – present

● The Clique(Founder) 2012 – present

● Incredibly Dope Project(Founder) 2011 – present

● The Stylistic Flow Workshops and Classes(Founder) 2013 – present

Adviser of Hip Hop
● Synergy School of Artistic Dance

Commercial Work
● Shame (feat. Eve & the a Group) Apr. 2011
Title: Principle Dancer
– Video –
– Song –

● FRS Energy Drink 2010 – 2011
* BMF Media Group*
Title: Promotor
● New York, NY tour – Dec. 27 2010 – Jan. 1 2011
– Press –
● Chicago, IL tour – Apr. 5 – 7 2011

● HP Connect
* City Eventions*
Title: Promotor
● Philadelphia, PA Aug. 5 – 7 2011

Countries and Prestigious places visited
● Montreal, QC (JFL World finals) July 2013
● Montreal, QC (Bust-A-Move) May 2013
● Chelles, France (Chelles Battle Pro) Feb. 2013
● Taipei, Taiwan (BELIEF 2012) Nov. 2012
● Montreal, QC May 2012
● ** Middle East tour** Mar. – Apr. 2012
* Rennie Harris Puremovement*
* Obama Administration*
* B.A.M. (Brooklyn Academy of Music)*
* DanceMotion USA*
– Egypt –
● Cairo, Egypt
– Isreal –
● Beersheba
● Haifa
● Jerusalem
● Modi’in
● Judea
● West Bank
● Nazareth
● Tel Aviv
● Jaffa
● London, UK (U.K. Bboy Championship) Oct. 2011
● Ringling Estate Sarasota, Florida May 2011
– Front Page –
● Lausanne, Switzerland – Nov. 2010
● Mexico City, Mexico (Barroquisimo Festival) – Apr. 2010
● La Paz, Bolivia ** U.S. Embassy** Sept. 26 – Oct. 4 2009
● Jacobs Pillow – Aug. 2009


Amaryah Bone –

Adina Wright –

Mariah Tlili –

Jesse Dong –

Grace Crosby –

David Crosby –

Brianna Luciano –

Alysha Gonzalez –

Purvi Panwala –

Micheal T. Davis –

Gabriel Gonzales aka – Gabri

Sarah Mooney –

Sabra Shafiq –

Lauren –

Fahquil Robinson –

Nathaniel Pyfrom –

Tyree Gilchrist –

Jarrell Conquest aka J Boogie –

Autumn Dziegrenuk aka A Tek –

Kevin Rand aka Kev 1 –

Shafeek Westbrook aka Mighty Mouse –

Andrew Devennie aka Pennie Penniro-

Macca Malik aka Finesse –

John Connor aka Jetty –

Damon Holley aka Dink –

Joshua Culbreath aka Super Josh –

Omar aka O


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