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*****Five Stars*****

The Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia receives a “royal Russian hooray!” These fast pace dancers captivated the audience from beginning to end. They transformed a stage, with simple setting, into a high-speed “Russian music and dance spectacular.” Accompanied by a band playing equally fast paced music, the dancers drew the audience in to a mind twisting array of illusions, acrobatics and quirky characters. A stage set for a listed 55 seemingly became a land of 1000 dancers.  In an on-going mix of skits, from mellow to high energy, and quick costume changes, the dance roller coaster began. The Krasnoyarsk dancers executed precision dance lines with intricate patterns. At times they created the illusions floating across the floor and dancing on wheels. The stage floor seemed to turn like a “merry-go-round” beneath their feet. Suddenly, in a blink-of-the-eye, as they floated, creating a line of crissed-crossed designs and shifting dancers from front to back line, the audience was emerged in a dizzying spell of joy.

Dressed in sparkling gowns, bright, colorful pok-a-dot shirts and vertically striped pants, the dancers really “lit up the stage.” This high-speed dance spectacle had it all. Whether in skits like “Siberian Fun,” “Cossacks Dance,” amongst others, the men spinned women, stooped in crouched position, as if they were human spinning-tops. In the “Men Dance” skit, men performed a high-energy mix of baffling footwork, high kicks, and leaps which sent them flying  in the air flawlessly. This musical-dance spectacle is idiosyncratic of the works of experienced creative masters. Mikhail Godenko founded the company in 1960 and directed it until 1991. Mikhail was an experienced and talented director and choreographer of great taste and creative imagination. Vladimir Kornev is the musical director, composer, Merited Artist of Russia, whose music is distinctive for folk character and melodiousness.

To truly enjoy the greatness of this vibrant dance company, everyone should go experience the quirky characters of this musical dance Russian spectacle. You will agree, the Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia deserves a “royal Russian hooray!

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