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📸 : Little Shao

Dance Mogul Exclusive Interview…

We at Dance Mogul Magazine take pride in bringing our readers Self-Empowerment and the only way to truly do that is to go to legitimate sources of information when it comes to sharing with others. We wanted to start off our “Let’s talk about it” series with actual dancers, choreographers, and creative directors that are currently on the frontline of the dance community and industry so that dancers and lovers of the arts can get a realistic view of where dance is going. First up in our series is Hip Hop Dance Legend “Buddha Stretch”. We hope that the series gets people talking and motivated to bring some much need actions into 2018. 📸 : Noriaki Maeda

Dance Mogul: You’ve seen first hand how Hip Hop and street dance has grown to what it is now for over 30 years, can you tell us what you see for the future of Hip Hop/Freestyle dance?

Buddha: I would hope that the future holds less Hip Hop and more “Dancers” that can migrate across genres and platforms. Dancers who “Speak” dance in any form, as that was always the essence of “freestyle”.

Dance Mogul: Who are some leaders or influencers right now?

Buddha: I don’t think there are particular leaders, just great dancers. Dancers like Paradox, Majid, Chrybaby, Mr.Youtube, Riceball, etc. The leadership comes from the music and how well one communicates with the world through that vehicle.

Dance Mogul: As we all know dance as a whole has been pimped out for years, with the creatives always getting the short end of the stick. How can different levels of ownership be retained amongst those in the culture that are true to it?

Buddha: Well first, Folk need to let go of the fear of the Dark! They have to understand this was, is and always shall be black culture and we as a people need to uplift that statement every time we do these art forms. ✊🏿👊🏿☝🏿❤️




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