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Beyonce’s Tap Salute: Chloe’s Syncopated ladies

Dance Mogul:
 What was your inspiration for your current concept video?

Chloe Arnold: In 2007, I had my first and quite amazing opportunity to work on Beyonce’s “Upgrade You” video for brilliant director Melina Matsoukas (She did Pretty Hurts). This experience was life-changing. Beyonce’s confidence, incredible performance, and command of her beauty (inner and outer) are inspiring. The first thing she said to me when we met was “You’re beautiful”. I was taken aback and said… “so are you” haha duh! But her level of humility and kindness and passion and expectation of excellence is compelling. I walked away from the experience thinking to myself, I want to bring this sort of passion and fierce feminine energy to my passion for TAP DANCING, and I want to share TAP with the world.

We chose End of Time for several reasons. The beat is incredible. It has so much syncopation, powerful rhythms, and a commanding, determined beat. The lyrics are so meaningful to me as well. The idea of until the love until the End of Time is something that me and my sisters truly believe in as it pertains to our friendship and our bond. And of course, as I was creating the choreography there are moments in the dance that are all about that dream man, who I hope to be with until the End of time. Beyonce’s beautiful and powerful voice give you that boost to stand up taller, dream bigger, and a strong sense of determination!

Dance Mogul: It would be nice to see your work behind an artist that respects your craft, would you also consider taking your own work on the road? Like headlining your own show with your work and having other dance acts open up for you?

Chloe Arnold: I want to see TAP on the music Concert Stage. I do believe we have the ability to command music venues and large stadium audiences. We have a full-length Syncopated Ladies Concert: We are The Music and would love to put up our Concert with opening dance acts.

I have been touring the world as a soloist for nearly a decade in over 25 countries and 35 states. I love and appreciate the creative platform I’ve had to explore. I have several shows: My One Woman Show, The Syncopated Ladies full concert: We Are The Music, and my NY based company, Apt 33.

I would also love to collaborate with recording artists as well. There are SO many ways that Tap can be incorporated in a Pop/R&B Concert. As an opening act, featured act, a musical break, a dance break, acapella, acoustic, creating the music for the singer or rapper for a track. We are like a voice, and an instrument, and a performer, so the possibilities are endless!!

Dance Mogul: What is the climate out there now for female choreographers and artistic directors, have things changed in the past 10 years?

Chloe Arnold: If you asked most people to name a female Tap dancer or Choreographer, they probably couldn’t. I hope to change that. The most well-known accomplished Tap Dancers have been predominately male, both dancers and choreographers, directors. While there were certainly always wonderful female dancers and choreographers, and directors, they did not get the same recognition or work.

In the past 10 years, I feel that the climate of the Tap World has grown to embrace female choreographers, artistic directors, and dancers much more than before.

With the help of social media and online magazines, the word can be spread faster and to broader audiences, and be a platform to level the playing field. I think that as a female Artistic Director, Choreographer, and dancer, you have to be strong, confident, passionate, courageous, be ready to kick down the door past any obstacles that get in the way of your dreams.


Dance Mogul:
What are some of your goals in 2014?

Chloe Arnold:
–Tap in Performance with Beyonce.
–Have guest performances with the Syncopated Ladies on TV & Tour our Full-length Concert: We Are The Music.
-Release our feature-length documentary by Dean Hargrove Productions called Tap World, featuring the stories of Tap Dancers from around the world.
–Both my sister Maud and I were on the last season of Boardwalk Empire as recurring Principal Dancers. We hope to come back this season.
–Present my NY dance company, Apt 33 in NYC. (music video coming soon)
–Present the 6th Annual DC Tap Festival, a platform to educate young aspiring dancers.
–Continue to Teach and hope to inspire young people around the world

Dance Mogul: What would you like to see happening for young female dancers as they come into their own and navigate through the business of dance?

Chloe Arnold: I want to encourage and teach young girls to be confident, self-assured, intelligent, skilled, dreamers and achievers. It is so important for young women to understand the business of show business. That being great on the dance floor is not enough. You have to match that passion with how you present yourself and build a reputation and brand that proceed you. Be your own advocate, as well as build a great team, and stay focused on your goals. Find the joy through the challenges and the journey. And make decisions out of faith, not fear.

I enjoy being a role model and mentor. It is the main reason that I hope to find a larger platform to share my work, to inspire and motivate the next generation in a positive direction!


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