CHRISTOPHER | 2017 Review

Photos By: Eric Banderio

Gierre Godley’s CHRISTOPHER took inspiration from Snow White but this work very much had a life of its own. CHRISTOPHER seemed very much relevant to today, not only in its physical nature (the choreography) but also in its microscopic look at beauty. From opening to ending, Godley shows us he is a master at crafting the space, creating interesting scene work that highlights not only the powerful dancers but the intent of the work. The dancers, all of the different ethnicities & body types, move through space with such ease & strength. Each dancer commands the stage but just enough so there was an energetic balance, which is refreshing. It should also be noted that Godley’s partnering work was near perfect and felt authentic.

If CHRISTOPHER is a representation of PROJECT 44’s body of work then the company and its Director, Gierre Godley, have a bright future. Dance is always in a state of proving it’s value to sustain and grow economically. In a world full of big budgets and unbalance, I find the best works always come from the people with less. It’s those people that make the battle worthwhile. Gierre Godley and his production of Christopher, show we are worth it.  -Dance Mogul Magazine

Gierre allowed Dance Mogul Magazine to go behind the scenes of the CHRISTOPHER production with his great cast. Check out the interviews to get a glimpse into how the production came together.



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