Chuck Maldonado “Living the Dream” BY Any Means Necessary


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Spotlighting Arts and Media in New Jersey: While New Jersey continues to face a long list of scrutiny such as budget deficits, scandals in the governor’s office, rising property taxes, and, an increase in crime in all its major cities, there is good news to be found at the least expected place to find it. New Jersey has some of the top choreographers in the Movie industry to date. One, in particular, is Chuck Maldonado a native New Jerseyan.  Chuck credits include numerous blockbuster hits such as.

List his credits here.

And if that is not enough while the mainstream media continues to shine the light on the bad things that are happening in New Jersey, of all place we find a Small business that has been working in the background in Newark New Jersey for over 30 years. Dance Mogul Magazine has risen to be the leading source for dance in not only New Jersey but the world. Promoting self-empowerment and truth.

New Jerseys dance history is strong and steady.

To view, some of New Jerseys leading dance legacies click here.

The Month of February has come to be known as Black History Month in the United States of America. However, most African Americans are still recovering from the struggles that have plagued and continue to plague communities across the country.

While we still have a long way to go, part of the healing process is realizing that we always have to acknowledge the great shoulders we are standing on today in order to express ourselves in this world. While paying respect to the great leaders in our culture, Dance Mogul Magazine would like to celebrate the Life and Legacy of Dancer, Choreographer, Artistic Director, and Humanitarian Chuck Maldonado.

As we acknowledge the past it is equally important to uplift the present and future, those who are actively making a difference in the culture. They may have assassinated Malcolm X on this day February 21st, but they did not kill the opportunity to live the dream by any means necessary.

OUR MAGAZINE COLORS, RED – GOLD & GREEN? THE MEANING. Africa the Cradle of Civilization.

1. Red reminds us of the Blood Shed and Sacrifice

2. Gold reminds us of Royalty and strength

3. Green reminds us of fertility of the land and wealth

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