Ciara Riley Wilson | Kim Possible Exclusive

📸: Ryan West


Dance Mogul Magazine Exclusive… 

📸: Ryan West

Dance Mogul: You’re doing some amazing things in the acting world, but many may not know you have a strong dance background, tell us about that?
Ciara Riley Wilson: Dance was my first love, I grew up in the competitive dance scene in Oregon. I excelled in jazz, ballet, lyrical, tap and hip hop at a young age and I was even able to work with some great artist like Chris Brown, Usher, and Fifth Harmony. Dance has changed so much since I first started, dance is trendy now. I remember when I would go to class and you actually had to work on your self, now there are cameras and productions at classes, lol. It’s all good though, I’m glad dance is getting recognition.

Dance Mogul: What was it like when you first came to LA?
Ciara Riley Wilson: It was a balancing act but I finally got the hang of it. Ironically when the acting season would be slow I’d pick up on dance opportunities and that cycle has been consistent. So I’m always working in some capacity and I’m grateful for that.

Dance Mogul: Tell us about the Kim Possible opportunity?
Ciara Riley Wilson: I was so excited when I got the call because I grew up watching the show. I play Athena in the live-action TV movie based off of the popular 2000s hit series. Athena is a new high school student Kim and Ron befriend who ironically, also happens to be the ultimate Kim Possible fan. Athena’s dream comes true when she finds herself tagging along on important missions and joining in on all of the action and adventure as the newest member of Team Possible. I know live action is the thing right now, but I feel certain ones are just going to really hit big and this is one of them. It gives people the opportunity to bridge the gap and blend as a family.

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Ciara Riley Wilson: YES!!! My family has been so supportive of me, I’m extremely grateful. I’m also grateful for my team for pushing and helping me grow with every opportunity I get. Thank you, Dance Mogul, for allowing me to share.



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