Dance Mogul Magazine Features Earl Wright | June 2014 Issue


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It is with great pride and honor that we bring to you the latest edition of Dance Mogul Magazine featuring Earl Wright. In this issue, you will find articles on reputation, bullying, and individual success stories from the dancers. We will continue to respond to your request for empowerment as it pertains to dance and dance culture. It is our desire to help you prepare for your journey into the dance industry and help bring awareness to the importance of entrepreneurship.

As your desire for success grows, you will find that you are challenged with making your dreams turn into reality. Our dreams are an innate desire to live a life that is fulfilling both physically and spiritually. As dancers, we are tasked with the challenge of translating our spiritual thoughts and movements into a language we know as dance. The dynamics of that process keeps us rooted in the universe, in that we allow ourselves to be vessels of encouragement. Such a calling is a gift and blessing that should never be taken lightly. We should try our best to keep a good reputation with our family, friends and the industry that we desire to work in. The more you are able to move from the physical to the spiritual, you will find that your dancing will have a stronger impact on those that experience your performance. And as a result, your reputation of being an impactful performer will grow. As your reputation grows, it is important to stay humble and reminded of your Authentic Self.

You measure the success of brands and businesses by the amount of progressive small and big steps they have made each decade. As individuals, we are brands and businesses, too. Whether we know it or not, we have a mission, too, of service to fulfill, which includes dealing with people from all walks of life. Through these interactions, reputation is built, because the law of authenticity states that the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. Anyone can write an article on you or put you in some form of a media publication, but Dance Mogul is who you want to entrust with your Legacy.







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