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Welcome Message from CEO & Founder Tony Morales

The summer started off with a bang! On Friday June 12th 2015 Morales Dance put on their final presentation of “Idyll” at the theater of “The Riverside Church” in New York City. The program started off with a welcome message from the Ceo and founder Tony Morales. Mr. Morales welcomed all in attendance, thanked his sponsors, and invited them to enjoy their experience. In addition, he also shared his passion for the arts, and invited the audience to continue to throw their support around the Arts.

We at Dance Mogul Magazine wanted to take this opportunity to write a review from a new perspective. A perspective that is only possible when you use social media in a responsible way to grow your business and your personal reputation.

From the time we were invited to “Idyll” by Mr.Morales we had the pleasure of watching him build the production from scratch. He chronicled the day to day grind of not only the production, but also the balancing act of his personal life as a husband and father.

What was interesting to observe was that the same level of care Mr.Morales would have for his lawn on the weekends was the same discipline his dancers embodied in the pieces in “Idyll.” Mr.Morales and the cast of “Idyll” showcased a resurgence of discipline, dedication and determination; caring not only about themselves and their personal performance, but for the fulfillment of everyone in the audience and making sure coming to see “Idyll” would be a memorable night.


As the show started the audience sat in anticipation as the lighting director Mike Riggs created the abidance for each performance. Each performance had and intentional lighting technique that helped to drive home the message. The performances were all timed and well choreographed in chronological order. Each performance spanned a myriad of emotions stemming from love, passion, and tension all beaming from each dancer as they connected to the music and their message. The dancers were a mix of many cultural backgrounds and that contributed to bringing a more diversified message. The music selection was well matched for the performances, some songs having a soothing overtone while others had a more upbeat tempo. All in all the timing of each piece gave you just enough to look forward to more next year. The dancers were unified in there presentation as they moved with precision and grace, we throughly enjoyed the show…

This unique marketing approach by Mr. Morales, his hard work, the support of his family and the dancers, lead to “Idyll” having a great turn out, positive media reviews and an upcoming full magazine feature in Dance Mogul Magazine.

We noted his processes and felt that it would make a good story to inspire up and coming dancers. We hope that you enjoy our exclusive interviews.


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For a complete program overview please see below.

“Circumstances” – Tony Morales Completed 1998

Music – Bach, Chopin, Couperin

Dancers – Nadia Vostrikov, Martell Ruffin and Jerome Warren

Costumes – Choreographers choice

“The Rest of your Life” – Tony Morales 1st performance May 3rd 2015

Music – Rihanna and Shirley Bassey

Dancers – Samantha Apgar, Morgan Brennan, Alexandra Byank, Amanda Cray, Paige Davis, Eva Grant, Alyssa Ritter and

Alexie Snook

Costumes Body Wrappers

“The Crossing” – Kate Skarpetowska “Premier”

Music – Murcof

Dancers – Elaine Gutierrez, Cassie Lewis, Martell Ruffin and Jerome Warren

Costumes – Choreographers Choice

“Ablution” – Tony Morales 1992

Music – J C Bach

Dancer – Nadia Vostrikov

Costume – Body Wrappers

“For You” – Tony Morales 2014

Music – Elton John

Dancer – Martell Ruffin

Costume Choreographers choice


“Idyll” – Tony Morales “Premier”

Music – Leos Janacek

Dancers – Elaine Gutierrez, Molly Levy, Cassie Lewis and Martell Ruffin

Costumes – Body Wrappers

“And then you transition to a moment of pride, honor and a sense of oneness with the universe. Proud of who you are, where you are going and where you have come from. You honor yourself, your life and the people who have given you the opportunity to be where you are. You sense the oneness with the Universe and the thread that connects life. You feel your energy flowing through you and you are able to channel your energy in ways you only imagined possible. Time and space seem to slow down; you take a deep breath and taste the moment. Life is death and death is life…You are not afraid because you understand your role in this life and you honor everything that has brought you to this beautiful moment in time……”

– Tony Morales


“Piano Pieces” – Tony Morales 2000

Music – Muller, Scriabin, Scarlatti

Dancers – Elaine Gutierrez and Cassie Lewis / Jerome Warren and Nadia Vostrikov / Molly Levy and Martell Ruffin

CostumesDawn Notaro

Lighting Design by Mike Riggs

Assistant Lighting Designer  Cecilia Durbin

Conceived and Directed by Tony Morales

Exclusive Interviews

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