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Reviews “TAP WORlD” | NYC Premiere

Tap world is the love child of director Dean Hargrove, Executive Producers Dean Hargrove, Jeff Peters, Producers Chloe Arnold, Maud Arnold, George Mandl, and Steven Poster, ASC. The NYC premiere was held on July 11th at Village East Cinema. Prior to previewing the movie, there was a dynamic tap performance by Chloe Arnold and the Syncopated ladies. As the ladies took their place on the platform the audience sat in great anticipation. True to their name, the syncopated movement and rhythms filled the entire auditorium. As the Dance Mogul team sat in the audience we couldn’t help but admire their costumes as it complimented their graceful movement, choreography and how they made use of their limited spacing to perform. The performance was a great way to build anticipation for the movie. When breaking new ground it takes a new level of marketing to get people to come out and enjoy themselves, this was definitely one of those successful next level initiatives.

This was not another movie about dance competitions, battles or watered down versions of dance and culture. The producers and directors were clear on their intent to make sure the movie was real, authentic and represented the best of who we are as a people. As the movie started you couldn’t help but feel like you were right there with each individual as they told their stories. As each person introduced themselves you could see that their connection to tap went beyond the surface. This became evident as you watched their commitment to their craft on the dance floor and as they gave testimonials to how tap connects to the essence to who they are. There was a variety of individuals from all walks of life around the world. Care was given to show how the arts and tap is uniting people, cultures, and nations.

In each story, each person was clear about their love for tap and despite what situation or obstacles they face, they are fully committed to staying connected to their calling and their gifts. Instead of putting tap to the side to deal with life’s challenges, they use their love for tap and people to help them overcome whatever they are faced with. To conclude, there was a lot of great dancing, inspiring stories and reasons to be excited about the future of tap. As demonstrated in the documentary, tap has a way of healing us beyond our imagination. It empowers us and gives us the fortitude we need to achieve all that is great within us. The world has shown up for tap and there is a consensus that tap is a universal language that allows us to communicate through our spirits with each other through sound and movement.

TAP WORLD Q&A >>>>>>>>

There was a brief panel discussion and question & answer session after the movie preview. The audience was ready to ask questions about the future of tap and how tap would be received worldwide.

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