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As we ring in 2014, Dance Mogul Magazine continues to search for individuals in the Hip Hop culture that are looking to inspire Self Empowerment by way of their God given talents. Our latest search has brought us to Darkwaters S.o.L (Seeker of Light), we hope that his words inspire and empower you to live out your dreams.

Dance Mogul: When did you fall in love with hip hop?

Darkwaters: I’d say I fell in love with Hip Hop around the age of 8 or 9. I remember my mom driving me to school and I would put on the radio and tell her that I wanted to do that when I was bigger. The first time I picked up a pen to write raps I was 10 years old. I loved it!

Dance Mogul: Who were some of your inspirations?

Darkwaters: Early inspirations for me I would have to say are when Tupac, Dre and Snoop were all out. I used to love Naughty by Nature and Wu-Tang. But the first album I ever bought was Onyx’s “Bacdafucup.” Oh and when I saw the video for Milkbone’s “Keep It Real” it was huge to me!

Dance Mogul: How can hip hop be used to help the youth make better decisions?
Darkwaters: Hip Hop to me can be used to help the youth make good decisions by teaching them personal empowerment and to open their eyes to what is truly wrong in our society and most importantly to say something about it; lead by example and inspire other people to over come their struggles.

Dance Mogul: You also have an amazing talent as a drawing artist does that come into play when you are creating music?

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Darkwaters: Yes, I’d say my artistic drawing definitely helps with my writing. It’s just a different form of the same expressions from who you are. An active imagination is an active mind.

Dance Mogul: If money was no factor what would you need to help push your vision forward?

Darkwaters: If money wasn’t a factor the sky is the limit bro. It’s all about your own personal ambition; your drive. People have to feel who you are through your music. I’m just a piece to the puzzle. As far as I’m concerned the whole music industry needs reform. It’s all backwards if you ask me. You have the majority of people listening to the minority of “rappers” in the main stream, and the majority of real artists are underground. It’s ridiculous. It’s gorilla warfare out here. I don’t think I’m the answer to it all but I’ll sure as hell help to tear it down and help Hip Hop through this.

Dance Mogul:  How do you balance work, your daughter, and music?

Darkwaters: Patience. My daughter is a huge driving factor for me; more or less I want her to see you can follow your heart and dreams and succeed. What I do is my legacy for her. I look at work and music the same. It’s all work to me. It’s just that one form of work I enjoy more than the other. My job is a means to get what I need now. Music is my life’s work and a means to get what I need even after I’m gone.  


What advice would you have for the next generation pursuing music?

Darkwaters: If you are pursuing music just be real about it and follow your heart. Make  sure you are pursuing it for the right reasons and don’t play yourself. Keep learning and always focus to get better at your craft.

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What are your music goals for 2014?

Darkwaters: Currently I’m working on my first full length album. I’d like to have it completed this year with music videos. Also, I’d like to get a real website up and merchandise designs set up like T-shirts and stuff like that. Most of all just improve my music further. Other than that shhh, it’s a secret. Ha ha

Dance Mogul: Who are your favorite artists right now?

Darkwaters: I don’t really have any main stream favorites. I listen and watch tho mainly to stay on top of what’s going on and stay relevant in music. Other than that the radio is off. Ha ha

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you want to thank for helping you thus far?

Darkwaters: I’d like to thank you and Dance  Mogul Magazine for granting me this interview. My family, my friends who all support my endeavors, my producers and studio engineers and most of all every one of my fans. It’s an indescribable feeling to read messages from them on how my music has helped them in ways I would have never thought it would and coming from all over the world,

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