Dassy Lee | Red Bull Dance Your Style

Dance Mogul: How did you deal with the pandemic?
Dassy: I was really depressed for two months at the beginning of the pandemic. A lot of jobs were canceled, it was my life. I was having a hard time obviously but at the same time, what are you going to do? I used the time to eat healthily, train more and work out more.

Dance Mogul: How were you able to stay connected with your group?
Dassy: We were trying to do a lot of training through zoom. We gathered women from LA and from all over the world and we kept on training and pushing each other. I really believe that we push a lot of women to feel happy and safe during this time.

Dance Mogul: How are you able to build your own popping styles, inspire each other but not look like one another?
Dassy: All three of us are from different countries. I’m from South Korea and my crewmates are from Mexico and France so we already built our own selves in our own country. Individually, we were pretty successful as dancers and we wanted to get together with what we had individually to make it stronger as a group. I feel like our looks are different and we try to embrace who we are and we try to push what each of us is strong at.


Dance Mogul: What is your relationship with Red Bull?
Dassy: I feel like Angyil said exactly how I feel, too. Red Bull always accepted me as who I am and I never had to change anything. The fact that Red Bull has been helping so many dance communities around the world for so many years, it’s just that there’s already trust.

Dance Mogul: What is your role with the upcoming event?
Dassy: It’s going to be a busy year. There’s going to be an event in Los Angeles, D.C., Miami, New Orleans, and Atlanta. I’m going to be battling in Miami and I’m very excited. If I win, I’ll be going to the national final in D.C. Then whoever wins goes to South Africa to battle.

Dance Mogul: What’s your advice to young dancers coming back to these events?
Dassy: Find your own style that makes you shine. You don’t have to copy other people, you just have to be yourself as an individual. That way, people will love you. Love your dance, love your style and be proud of what you complete.

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