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Dance Mogul Magazine preaches a lot about empowerment, striving for success, and dancers knowing their true value. So we appreciate it when we come across someone who is already on the path and can serve as a shining example to the youth. Our latest example is “Domo“, a dancer who took her destiny into her own hands, she has turned her dancing career into a successful Singing career.  Realizing that dancing behind someone as a career is only one piece to the puzzle, she has picked up the mic to let the world know that dancers do have a VOICE. Domo is currently touring the world, her manager Alonzo Williams was kind enough to give us some updates for you to keep with his rising star. You will definitely be seeing more of Domo in future issues of  Dance Mogul Magazine.


New Single available on YouTube and ITUNES also in English and Spanish:
English – “TIME” –



DOMO THE VOICE – Daily News Interview

Vocal Performances: Beyonce “Listen” Cover by DOMO

China Tour Promo Videos:


Official Youtube – Domozworld19
Official Facebook – DOMO OFFICIAL
Official Twitter & Instagram – @Domozworld

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