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Dance Mogul Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with one of the youngest up and coming successful entrepreneurs on the East Coast Dominic Tamin. Like Dance Mogul Magazine he believes that investing in people is one of the greatest investments one can make. Dance Mogul Magazine is proud to introduce Mr. Dominic Tamin to our audience.

Dominic Tamin now at age 30 obtained his Master’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Kean University and he is the CEO of EMPAK Corporation, and IRS Enrolled Agent and Tax Expert, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, and Financial Planner. Dominic watched his dad a Civil Engineer, and mom a Secretary, work on the plantation they lived in his homeland of Cameroon Africa, with diligence and sincerity to serve. He saw his parents build connections with pleasantries with whomever they came n contact with and instilled in him the notion that money alone cannot sustain a business without goodwill. His parents stressed to him that he must venture out into the communities where products or services are offered and build relationships with prospective clients with an eagerness to serve, which has become his creed.

With this creed, Dominic came to live by, and it has become the EMPAK Corporations’ mission statement, and it’s vastly the reason for its success and profitability in years of doing business, Since March 2012, EMPAK Corporation has taken its commitment to the community by providing a calendar of superior events for the Essex County area, with family entertainment: one of them being All White Affair and The Hair Game, which was a sold-out fashion and beauty event that attracted over 1300 fashion and beauty consumers and industry Veterans to the likes of John Blassingame publisher of Hype Hair Magazine.

In closing Mr.Tamins’s holistic approach to business and servicing the community is why we feel he is definitely a Mogul on the rise. For more information on Mr. Tamin, you can check out


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