Don “Campbellock’ Campbell
The Father of Street Dance


Celebrating the Legacy of Don Campbellock Campbell (The Father of Street Dance)
Living Legend to the right along with Shockalock NYC’s 1st Locker to the far left. 

Dance Mogul Magazine had the Honor to sit down with Don “Campbellock” Campbell to hear his story of how he created the Locking Dance. Don Campbellock Campbell’s interview with Dance Mogul Magazine’s will be televised one day. Mr. Campbell’s dance style Locking was noticed by well-known Dancer Toni Basil. The Lockers Dance Group was formed and the rest was history. You would see them every Saturday on Soul Train and various late night television shows. Toni Basil helped the Lockers reach International Fame and Icon status. Don “Campbellock’ Campbell Pre-Dates Hip Hop, his Locking Dance helped to Revolutionize and shape Street Dance as we know it today. Mr. Campbell is Dance Mogul Magazine’s choice to receive the first every Life Time Achievement Award Given to a Dancer on behalf of his Humanitarian effort to unite the World through DANCE & CULTURE.

Dance Mogul Magazine presents a Tribute to Mr. Don “Campbellock” Campbell a living Legend and Icon.
Imagine for a moment with me: when we are born we are not quite sure what our purpose will be in our lifetime. We are not sure at what age if ever we will find our purpose. What if we get chosen, what if we don’t have to say in what our purpose is? Imagine being chosen to do something you have no knowledge of. Imagine Mr. Don “Campbellock” Campbell (The Father of Street Dance to some) Imagine being trained by a spirit to do something that would influence millions of people all over the world no matter what their race, creed or color. Imagine that and you didn’t even know it was coming. Imagine being the vessel that is chosen for that task. Imagine being used even though we are imperfect. Imagine being chosen to do something that, NATIONS, WORLD POWERS, WARS, and RELIGION has failed to do. Imagine having it on your resume that you contributed to uniting the world through the ARTS. Imagine that. #Respect








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