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Epic Collaboration or EC FAM for short was started in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2011 by EC  members Marshall Cooper, a.k.a. WestTragedy, Eshad Gladman, a.k.a. Spazz, and Branden Robinson, a.k.a. Matrix. This crew has been together for over 2 years and was started by a group of friends that have grown into one of the best and most diverse dance groups here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Some styles that you will find in EC FAM are Popping, Krumping, Breaking, Flexing, Bruk Up and more. What makes EC FAM very unique is that all members of this group have their own personalities and characters that can always steal the show. They have been a part of a lot of events and competitions.  Some of the competitions they have done are Loose Screws, Shut Up and Dance, Body Rock, LOUD,  Battle Fest, The Basement, D.R.E.A.M, Off The Grid and Skill for Sole, as well as many other events.  Their team has also started their own event called “Da Modd” which features raw battles with local talent here in the Atlanta Dance Scene.
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Dance Mogul: What was the purpose of starting your crew?
EC: The purpose of EC was to bring a group of friends together in order to form a family. To give underrated dancers a chance in the spotlight. It also brought people together who can take and learn from one another while helping them grow.

Dance Mogul:  Who are some of your inspirations in dance?
EC: Some of our inspirations in dance are Mr. Wiggles, Usher, Michael Jackson, Electric Boogaloo and Ring Masters (ABDC S3).

Dance Mogul: What makes your crew unique?
EC: What makes our team unique is the fact that no member looks the same at all; even if they have a similar genre of dance style. This is what makes us different from other crews. Some crews may have a similar style of movement and that’s how you’re able to identify what crew they are a part of. However, with EC we all look completely different.

Dance Mogul:  What do hip hop and street dance mean to you?
EC:  Hip Hop and Street Dance to us means expressing who we are with creativity; to be able to tell a story in an instant. It’s a way to make our crazy imaginations come to life.

Dance Mogul: How has your crew given back to the community?
EC: We have done a lot of showcases, performed at the Boys and Girls Club, mentored kids that aspire to be dancers one day, taught workshops and throwing events.

Dance Mogul: If given the opportunity what legends in dance would you honor at your event?
EC: The legends we would honor at our event are Michael Jackson, Popping John, Mr. Wiggles, Electric Boogaloos, Mr. Bruk-Up, and BSV. Most of the legends who are OG’s within each of our styles.

Dance Mogul: What are your goals for your crew in the next 5 years?
EC: Our goals for the next five years would be to become successfully paid performers, win more national and international competitions and travel the world. Hopefully be featured in films, television and music videos. It would also be great to help take care of ourselves and family doing what we love, which is dance.

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you on your journey thus far?
EC:  We would like to thank God because without him we would not be here. Also, our families for supporting us, our fans and friends and last but not least each other because without each other we wouldn’t have the motivation to keep us going. One example of that is our member Mario, a.k.a. “Alien BluFeild.” We call him the heart of EC because he truly embodies the spirit of EC. No matter what we’ve been through he’s had the greatest attitude and always knew what to say to keep us on our feet. We would like to say thank you to Dance Mogul Magazine for this opportunity and if you’ll want to look us up please check us out on YouTube. God bless.

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