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“It’s hard for a dancer to be consistent with brand building because a dancer is always in a position of having to receive an opportunity in order to showcase some form of worthiness, but if they put their purpose in front, then they will realize that their purpose will make them stand out stronger and more consistently. Opportunities come and go, but your purpose is as eternal as the universe.”Dance Mogul Magazine


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Dance Mogul: Tell us about FEDE Enterprises?
Felix “FeFe “ Burgos: FÉDE Enterprises is a company that got started by Denise Yuri Disla and Felix “FeFe” Burgos. The purpose of the company is to one day be able to provide jobs in the dance community to others. FeFe and Denise strive every day to grow the company so that one day, this could become possible with many outlets within the dance community.

Dance Mogul: As a dancer in this day in age, how important is it to be also empowered to be an entrepreneur and have control of your career?
Felix “FeFe “ Burgos: In this day in age is vital to have control of your career. Social media has made it possible for dancers to take control of their careers and be able to be their an entrepreneur. Us as dancers are just like any other artist; we are a walking brand, so through social media, you can choose how you want people to perceive you and grow very successful if done the right way. It is vital today for dancers to be entrepreneurs and have control because we are inspiring the world more and more every single day.

Dance Mogul: Tours are great but usually not year-round depending on the demand for the artist. How can a dancer use a tour to grow themselves and their brand to contribute to their longevity?
Felix “FeFe “ Burgos: Tours are always a pro and a con kind of gig. I’ve been a part of numerous tours, and one thing I have used to grow myself and my brand is teaching. Also like I’ve said before social media is a powerful thing now so posting videos of me dancing next to the artist that a lot of people want to work with or pictures also give me a boost. Even though on tour we can take a lot of beating because of rehearsals and the tour itself, it is still a gratifying experience. We meet a lot of people around the world and get to travel to a lot of places for free. I would say the best way to use the tour to your advantage and use it to your brand is to teach in as many cities as you can. Getting your name out there that way and also posting on social media you and the artist so people can see who it is you dance for and what kind of dancer you are when you’re on stage.


Dance Mogul: Is there any advice you have for dancers that aspire to go tour?
Felix “FeFe “ Burgos: My biggest advice for any dancer is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR BODIES. Stretching, eating right, baths, massages, etc. A lot of the times as dancers, we worry so much about image and how we want people to look at us and forget to take care of ourselves. We instead buy a pair of shoes that’s $200-$700 dollars than to go to a spa and spend $150 to get a good massage or a good chiropractor. Another advice that I have is never to close any doors. I know some people want to tour with a particular artist and that’s it, but sometimes you will be surprised how that artist may treat you, and then it kinda lets you down. Sometimes it is the least expected artist that you tour with that treats their dancers like royalty and value you for what you do. So be open-minded because you will be surprised at who values you for your work and what you do.

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you on your journey this far?
Felix “FeFe “ Burgos: The biggest thank you will go to, of course, my parents. They have been incredibly supportive during my whole career, and I’m extremely grateful for them. Another person is Rhapsody James and Valentine Norton. They pretty much mentored me during the early stages of my career, and if it weren’t for them and my friends that I had at that point, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. I was a part of a crew, and the people in that crew helped me because they never let anyone slack. People like Noel Frias, Michael Martinez, Frankie Gordils, Luz Remigio, Amandy Fernandez, Tia Rivera were always on each other’s back not letting anyone slack. Chris Brown because if it’s wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today or the human I am today. He helped me financially and usually artists switch dancers a lot, but he has been very loyal and a really great friend to me.

Last but not least Denise Yuri Disla. When we met, I was a little lost, and she helped me find myself again and made me grow into another human that I love today. She also gave me two beautiful little girls that happen to be twins; their names are Amayah and Leyah; they changed my life completely. If I never met Denise, I don’t know where I would be at today, but honestly, I don’t even care because I love my life with her and the babies so much that I don’t even think about if I didn’t have them. The family that I have now is the single most amazing thing that I am grateful for.

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