Flo Thomas | Going With The Flow

Here at Dance Mogul Magazine, we love to hear the stories of those on the come up, real hard workers and people dedicated to their craft. It’s those types of people that can provide the best self-empowerment for others that may be following down a similar path. Flo Thomas is one of those great movement artist that has grinded for years and now is finally making waves, but it’s a tide that she controls and as a dancer that’s where you want to be, in control of your movement and career.

Dance Mogul: You came into 2017 with goals and a way you wanted things to go, as a dancer how did you make adjustments to keep moving forward?
Flo: The dance business is pretty spontaneous so you kind of just have to be prepared for anything just about all the time, haha. Just go with the flow. If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready. I keep my goals and ideas very specific and I’m always restructuring.

Dance Mogul: What did you learn about yourself as a dancer and as a woman this year?
Flo: Oh man haha, I’ve learned so much to mention. But I suppose dance wise, I’ve learned to really trust my process. To be patient and the power of consistency. Especially in today’s social media craze, everyone wants to achieve instant fame and success super fast. But it takes time and a consistent work ethic to build something that will really last and stick. My goal is longevity so I’m passionate about calculating everything I do. As a maturing woman, I am learning to trust my instincts more. Usually, it’s pointing us in the right direction.

Dance Mogul: While everyone’s journey is different, what is a universal piece of advice that you could offer a younger dancer?
Flo: It may sound really cliche, But I would tell them to have a really STRONG belief in yourself. Don’t let anyone discourage your dreams, not even your family. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will and never give up. Consistency is key.

Dance Mogul: Who and what are some of your current inspirations?
Flo: My inspirations come from my friends like Hurrikane, Angyil, Keenen, just to name a few. But I’m just about inspired by anything that rebels against the status quo and anyone who is unapologetic about who they are. Even though our styles are different, Storyboard has always been an inspiration to me in that regard.

Dance Mogul: Do you feel that everything you experienced in 2017 has prepared you for 2018?
Flo: I have learned so much about myself personally and as a movement artist. Especially from my recent travels to Europe this past summer, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge & new exciting experiences. I can only imagine what 2018 will bring. I am so ready.


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