Kamille King | NJPAC’s Emerging Choreographer


Dance Mogul: How does it feel to be able to showcase your art on NJPAC’s Emerging Choreographers platform?

Kamille King: The Emerging Choreographers Program is a platform for artists to create, and share from the heart, work with seasonal Mentors and showcase their work in a beautiful venue. This program serves as a vehicle for choreographers to think beyond the movement, and dive deep into content, motive, and intention. Friday’s event was one of the most memorable moments of my career thus far, and I will cherish it forever.

Dance Mogul: What steps did you take to prepare your work?

Kamille King: I love music. It is the ignition to my creativity, and all of my work starts from there. Once I’ve found the right music I begin to write down themes and intentions. Things that I want the audience to leave with. And from there I go into the studio and create a foundational phrase of movement that I build upon.

Dance Mogul: What do you hope the audience takes away from your piece?

Kamille King: Creating work that gives voice to those who may not have a voice is something that I’ve been exploring for a few years. Like bringing those private conversations to the public stage. Things that we all experience, but fall short of bringing a voice to. Things that we may only write in our diaries. Our secrets. For the 2016 Jersey (New) Moves Emerging Choreographers Concert I debuted my most recent work “Waiting in the Leftovers.” This piece explored the process of waiting, the “wait” if you will. That process of waiting that we are all familiar with, and what happens once the “wait” has passed. The only thing that I wanted the audience to leave with was a piece of me that hopefully connected with a piece of them.

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you?

Kamille King: My family and friends for being so supportive, my beautiful dancers who brought life to not only the movement but the vision, my mentor who always believes in me even when I stop believing in my craft and finally NJPAC and Dance New Jersey for giving me a chance.

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