Kebahb Glanville | Becoming Stronger By Inspiring Others

Dance Mogul: What inspired you to start dancing?

Kebahb: I was inspired to dance at a very young age. The mere sound of music from TV commercials, videos, the radio or someone singing, inspired me to move. These moves eventually became my way of expressing my thoughts into my more structured fashion as I began watching Janet Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown and trying to emulate their every step.

Dance Mogul:With everything going in the world now, how do you stay focused on your passion?

Kebahb: The way that I stay focused on my passion in this ever-changing world is through continuous training and goal setting. I keep my eye on the prize as I know exactly where I want to be in the next couple of years.

Dance Mogul:What are some of things that concern you in society today when you think about your future?

Kebahb: My main concerns in society today is the future of dance. It is imperative that dance is understood as a profession/art and not a hobby. Therefore, I think it is so important to be a part of the next generation of dancers who not only show the passion but stress the business side of dance.

Dance Mogul: How can dance bring about change in today’s society?

Kebahb: Dance can bring change in today’s society through diversity, unity and story-telling.

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Dance Mogul: What does the month of February mean to you?

Kebahb: The month of February means to me history, knowledge, hardships and celebrating success.

Dance Mogul:What are you currently working for 2017?

Kebahb: In 2017, I am currently working towards becoming a stronger dancer, artist and person. In addition, I want to inspires others to follow their dreams.

Dance Mogul: As a dancer what can you say dancers need at this very moment in time to help them be successful?

Kebahb: A support system that will encourage their goals and celebrate their achievements. I believe that dancers need to be appreciated more in the industry. Most dancers themselves need the confidence and drive to keep pushing. As an artist, you want to see growth each year and challenge yourself to do things that may seem impossible.

Dance Mogul: What advice do you have for younger dancers coming up behind you?

Kebahb: The advice I have for younger dancers is to truly understand your craft. Take time to educate yourself on all things that dance has to offer including history, genres, important figures and how to move dance forward. If family and friends don’t understand your vision, don’t let that be an obstacle for your future. The sky is the limit when you believe in your gift.

Dance Mogul: How important is mentorship to a dancer?

Kebahb: I think mentorship is a great resource for dancers trying to find their path. It helps a dancer to train harder, to create a vision and set goals.

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like thank for helping you on your journey thus far?

Kebahb: First and foremost, I would like to thank God. My faith has helped me stay focused. Additionally, I would like to thank my family for helping me through this journey throughout the tough times. I want to give a special thank you to my mom who has taken the time to guide, encourage and motivate me to always give a hundred percent in life.

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