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Photo By: Sarah Kjelleren / Makeup by Phoenix

Dance Mogul: What was it like growing up as a young dancer in Colorado?
Ken Fury: It was difficult actually, considering the town I’m from (Pueblo, Colorado)is really small, there are not a lot of dancers there. I began dancing at the age of 11 years old and only had a few friends which I practiced with. Unfortunately, they all faded away and I was dancing alone for many years and my older friends from nearby cities would pick me up on the weekends to go to jams and practice. But I am really fortunate that I grew up in a small town because it instilled my drive and passion for what I wish and dream for, without ever giving up on myself.

Dance Mogul: What inspired you to start dancing?
Ken Fury: When I first saw breaking it was in my basement, my friend demonstrated some moves he made up and I thought it was the most peculiar thing I’ve ever seen the human body perform. And at this time I was heavily into martial arts and painting. And I thought the dancing fit perfectly with my personality. I never learned from dance studios or anything, I taught myself and eventually I was the first person to teach breaking professionally in my town. I was 16 at the time. Then at the age of 18, I moved to NYC and studied with Kwikstep and Wayne Blizz who taught me the fundamentals and foundation of the dance.

Dance Mogul: What are some of the competitions you have won first place?
Ken Fury: I have been competing since I was 14 years old and have won numerous titles in Colorado and the surrounding areas. But the most memorable ones are: Rocksteady 29th Anniversary NYC, Bboy massacre NYC(4-time champion) Mighty 4 in California, Only Bboying, in Paris.

Photo By: Pete Gebhardt


Dance Mogul: What was it like performing at the Smithsonian Theatre?
Ken Fury: It was nice, I performed with the theatre company Full Circle Productions at that event.

Dance Mogul: How did the k-swiss print ad come about?
Ken Fury: My friend Lyle Owerko suggested me to his friend Adam Weiss which was the photographer and we did the shoot, I believe it was for K Swiss Europe.

Dance Mogul: What are some of your biggest accomplishments?
Ken Fury: Apart from my commercial and career success, I define my accomplishments as personal moments of liberation. And some of those are gaining the strength to move to NYC alone at the age of 18 and conquering my goals. Developing my personal dance style and moves. And the most important one is the moment when I figured out how to harness all the power I needed, which was from within.

Dance Mogul: What do you want your legacy to be?
Ken Fury: I think I would want my legacy to be a simple reminder for people to question the reason for existence and to never be afraid to feel their emotions, embrace them with a pure heart and confidence and you will have the power to sculpt your world however you wish.

Dance Mogul: Anyone you want to thank for helping you on your journey
Ken Fury: Yes I have a lot of people who have helped me. Some of them are my family and close friends, my crews Lordz of Finesse, The NYC Float Committee/The executioners, Full Circle and Supreme Beings. For more on Ken Fury, The Artist and Dancer check out He has a new album available, make sure you show your support.

Photo By: Adam Weiss



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