Dance Mogul Magazine has had the honor to watch the Khaotik Dance Competition grow from a regular school dance competition to a premier platform for college students to express themselves through dance. We look forward to more colleges taking a value in the arts while students pursue their education. This years winners where Fully Focused Dance Troupe.


Fully Focused Dance Troupe is a Brooklyn-Based hip hop dance troupe that has been established since 2005. In the seven years we’ve been together, we have performed on grand stages such as Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, The Apollo Theater, and 106&Park. We are big on community service also! We work to give back to our community when we can -primarily in the form of working to educate kids in the inner cities of Brooklyn & Harlem. Several Fully Focused Dancers work with kids in their professions -both academically and in a dance based forums and we are therefore always inspired to execute community service with the younger generations to set examples and contribute to creating productive citizens in society.  We firmly believe in the meaning behind TEAM. We sacrifice for the TEAM because we know it to be the ultimate champion.

Fully Focused Dancers Performing:
Nyree Curry
Shaneila Roberts
Ja’Lissa Taylor
Tianna Brown
Jasmine Jackson
Takeia Delagarde
Shakiver Gordon
Anthony Auguste
Randasia Giles
Jhoven Rojas
Nakiah Williams
Esteets Wright
Nekia Wise- Manager
Arturo – Ass’t Manager
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