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Ladia Yates 2014

 Street Dancers have always been apart of major productions. Some times the roles were big like Michael Jackson productions and sometimes the roles were small, like the opportunities the taps dancers had in the early ’50s and ’60s. With each opportunity dancers, in general, have become more empowered over time, to come from behind the scenes and become recognized as artist themselves and every time a major entertainment artist gives street dancers an opportunity to showcase their art with them on stage it’s a progressive step to be recognized for the next generation of dancers to see that, they too have an opportunity to express themselves on major platforms. With so many media outlets out there now, dancers now have the opportunity to talk about their experiences and let the world know what it is like to work on high-level projects. We appreciate Ladia Yates for taking the time to inspire self-empowerment while she continues to strive to accomplish her goals.


Ladia Yates 2014

Dance Mogul:  You’ve performed with so many great artists, how was performing with Usher different?
Ladia Yates: It was VERY DIFFERENT! Due to the fact that he is a true dancer as well as a vocalist. It wasn’t just the choreographer and I coming up with the solo he took part in it as well. I learned a lot from him, it was definitely an honor! he can freestyle and do choreography.

Dance Mogul:  What were the rehearsals like?
Ladia Yates: The rehearsals were amazing! HARD WORK! VERY LENGTHY!, but well worth it! I cried after each rehearsal (in disbelief ), it felt surreal to work with such a legend.

2014 Usher Rehearsals

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Dance Mogul:  Did your kids from your academy catch the performance, what did they think?
Ladia Yates: Yes they did! The first day I returned to LYE ACADEMY practice they chanted #TEAMLADIA!!!, as I walked in! I love those kids


L.Y.E. Academy

Dance Mogul: This is about the 3rd time you’ve shown a major artist the style of Memphis Jookin and they used it in a televised performance. Do you think the world is catching on to the underground style?
Ladia Yates: The world is definitely catching on SLOWLY (VERY SLOWLY), but surely! It’s complicated because there are only about4 prominent people who are pushing the style on an industry-standard such as Lil Buck, Ron Miles, Keviorr Taylor, and I. Honestly my main goal isn’t to promote Memphis Jookin, it just sort of happens that way. My main goal is to Promote Female empowerment and to inspire/motivate people across the world.


Ladia Yates & Missy Elliot



Ladia Yates & Janelle Monae 

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you want to thank for helping you thus far?
Ladia Yates:  Honestly there are too many people to thank as far as helping me this far, so from a general standpoint I would like to thank all of my supporters, Jamaica Craft and Usher for giving me this life-changing experience and Dance Mogul for giving me a voice.

10612942_10205009796023592_3962328234240119008_nJamaica Craft & Ladia Yates

210381_10150560895070392_5924742_o BBC News, Ladia Yates & Co-Founder of Dance Mogul Magazine


 Ladia Yates supporting the Debbie Allen issue of Dance Mogul Magazine.

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