“LIT” Movie Premiere First Jersey Club Movie produced by HallMills Network.

HallMills Network LLC finally presents our highly anticipated, 1st independent movie, “LIT”!!!! We can’t wait to premiere our movie on 9/24/2020 at CityPlex Cinemas in Newark, NJ! There will be a RED CARPET at 6 pm SHARP you can’t miss before our 6:30 pm and 9:00 pm shows! Come meet the famous Marc John Jefferies and the rest of our stunning cast!!! Due to social distancing, we are only allowed 50 people in a theatre so we reserved 4 theatres for your safety and comfort! THIS MEANS THERE ARE ONLY 400 tickets that can be sold. Get yours now before they are sold out or more at the door:
Click here to purchase your tickets.

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