Philadelphia via Erfurt Germany,
Macca was born in Atlanta, Georgia. At 5 years old her Mother relocated
Macca and her 2 older brothers to Germany. She gained interest in hip-hop
through her older brother who was an MC and organizer of many hip-hop
events in Germany in her early years. By having that exposure she grew
closer to the culture first hand at these international events. Although
her brothers both used to train in Breaking at a young age, Macca was
too young to remember so her true first taste of Breaking was through the
B-boys in Erfurt, Germany. She was mesmerized at first sight but remained
a spectator until she began taking Breaking’ classes in America January
2004. Learning from Raphael Xavier, one of Philadelphia’s Masters of
Breaking and Jamie Merwin, Artistic Director of olive Dance Theater,
Philadelphia’s leading Breaking Company. In 2006 she continued her studies
with 360 Flava founder and leader, Brian “B-boy Hannibal” Newby. Macca has
been very grateful to travel to countries like Germany, Switzerland,
England, Bolivia, Canada, France, Puerto Rico, and Reunion Island. Macca’s
achievements include being chosen to represent Team U.S.A at England’s
annual “B.SUPREME Women in Hip Hop Festival 2009” with team leader B-girl
Pioneer Rok-A-Fella and going to La Paz, Bolivia for missionary work
through Hip-Hop which was Organized by the U.S. Government.

Winning 2011 Evolution Bgirl Seven to Smoke to compete in France at Hip Hop
session, as well as being picked as the principal B-Girl for Jill Scott’s video
“Shame” in March 2011. Since then she has done various promotions for Hp and
Lance Armstrong’s energy drink and performed for the L.A. Lakers at Lower
Merrion High School. She has been selected to represent the U.S. in Reunion
Island for BBS International Breaking Event 2013. Most recently Macca has
become the first female to represent the world-renown Bboyworld team to compete
in France at the Breakin World Series. Meeting her 10-year mark soon, Macca is
grateful for the guidance and knowledge and experience that she has gained
throughout the years. She is looking forward to many new opportunities that
will come her way.

List of Events I received 1st Place Winner Awards:

Mighty 4 “Bgirl Invitational Battle”: October 5, 2013

Smoked Out Jam “1vs1 Battle”: September 7, 2013

Pro-Am World Finals Miami “Bgirl Battle”: June 6-9, 2013

Big Trouble in Little Vancouver “Top Rock”: January 25&26, 2013

FreeStyle Session Qualifier: New Jersey – July 7, 2012
(Hannibal, Macca, Josh)

Princeton BattleGrounds 4: Bonnie & Clyde – June 8, 2012
(Hannibal, Macca)

Evolution 6 “Bgirl 7 to Smoke”: October 5&6, 2011

Bboy Massacre “Bgirl Competition”: November 13, 2009

The GetUp Liquid Charm “1on1 Battle”: 2006

Breaks Kru Jam “Bgirl Battle”: June 10, 2006

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