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Dance Mogul:  What inspired you to start dancing?

Meagan: My Mother was my inspiration to start dancing. She was pregnant with me while she was a professional swing dancer. She shook me up, down, and every which way. I most likely came out doing the ’twist & shout’. 

Dance Mogul: With everything going in the world now, how do you stay focused on your passion?

Meagan: I stay focused on my passion for everything going on in the world because I have to. It drives me to do better, not only for me but for the people coming up behind me, as well as for my friends and family. Ive also learned to focus solely on the things I can control so I was able to have a positive impact. I choose to be a catalyst.

Dance Mogul: What are some of the things that concern you in society today when you think about your future?

Meagan: Some of my concerns in today’s society when I think about my future would be dancers pay and female stance. Dancer’s pay for example, due to the way social media, youtube, etc. are played out nowadays, it leaves little room for the record labels or anyone to continue keeping rates at a higher standard, let alone creative respect. As far as female stance goes, it’s already hard for us to hold a professional relationship with most in high position, as they may not take us, women, seriously. I pray that with me, among many, make a stance and continue to prosper. The future will hold bright for the next generation.

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Dance Mogul: How can dance bring about change in today’s society?

Meagan: Dance can bring change in today’s society in its form of expression. As long as we continue to express our feelings, emotions, and thoughts, we will be heard. In turn, we will encourage and inspire others to be just as expressive. We are the leaders of a brighter future. 

Dance Mogul: What are you currently working for 2017?

Meagan: I’m currently working to build a better and easier path for the generation after me. This year will be a change in the matrix, so to speak. I feel if I continue to inspire with hard work and talent, this will be the year that can change the way people view dance and the Arts in general. 

Dance Mogul: As a dancer what can you say dancers need at this very moment in time to help them be successful?

Meagan: As a dancer today, I can say that what dancers need to be successful is to believe in themselves. Believing in yourself goes a long way. Don’t get discouraged because Sally Mae over here got a job over you, when you feel the job should have been yours. If it’s for you, it will be for you. Stay in your lane, be confident in your choices and above all don’t feed into the negativity that surrounds you. 

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Dance Mogul: What advice do you have for younger dancers coming up behind you?

Meagan: My advice to younger dancers coming up behind me would be to work for your dreams and never give up. It makes me sad to see extremely talented dancers give up and lose faith in themselves because they didn’t book a job, didn’t make the team or didn’t win the trophy. I had to fail many times growing up to be the woman and dancer I am today. There were many jobs I didn’t book or competitions I didn’t win, but that never stopped me. If anything it pushed me harder, because I know who I am and I know I belong in this industry. I speak affirmations, and in that, it helps me to believe in who I am. I ask myself, “Who am I? I am Meagan Nugent”.

Dance Mogul: How important is mentorship to a dancer?

Meagan: Mentorship is very vital to any dancer. I had many mentors growing up giving me guidance and pushing my limits to their breaking point. I remember one mentor telling me to drop and do 50 pushups (I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but I was 13 years old) in front of every dancer on my competition team and our mothers. She said “My dancers will never have weak arms!”, and when I tell you I barely finished that 50… I got up and tears were rolling down my cheeks, along with a smirk. I knew I could do anything. For those who don’t have mentors or any guidance, it is for you to take the initiative to want the knowledge, as it is; the more you know the more valuable you are. Mentors jobs are to push you when you are at your weakest moments and support you when you are at your strongest. To all the mentors in my life, I thank you! I wouldn’t be who I am today without your help.  

Dance Mogul: Is there anyone you would like thank for helping you on your journey thus far?

Meagan: I would like to thank my mother for helping me on my journey thus far. She never let me lose faith in myself, was there to console me, made a great sacrifice to transport me to and from dance practice, and paid for all my competitions and classes. Above all, she let me live this life that everyone thought was a waste of time and money. She never once doubted me and knew I was going to be someone someday. I’d also like to thank all the mentors I ever had growing up in Texas as well as out here in California and especially to my current mentor LaurieAnn Gibson, who has been a light in my life.

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