Memphis Urban Dance Entertainment 2013 Update

Memphis Jookin is preparing to make its grand stand as an independent dance industry in 2013. The unprecedented tag “Urban Ballet” is being developed by UDIG Dance Company and the outstanding youth with the prestigious fine arts genre in Memphis with significant plans to collaborate in the future. Entering a 4th generation, the youth of this 25+ year old culture are the next wave of leaders that will become legends. Now youth talents are being nurtured through Memphis Urban Dance Entertainment, which was made for them to become the face of Memphis by local and partners globally. The path that dance in Memphis is now on leads to employment in all available sectors that include public relations, education, and entertainment.In the wake of an urban dance online game developed for both gamers and dancers, the style is moving forward to assist in evolving the product development of everything around dance from apparel to music. Memphis Jookin™ G2G will turn heads and open doors for talent like gaming has never done in the free world. Crossing genres, generations and gaming platforms, dance is about get turned up worldwide, G2G style.
“Menfes Interactive and American Urban Dance will do it first like it can never be done again. Just like the best rhythm games, but made from the rhythm of Memphis Jookin. Our way to succeed is the equal way and that is to help people with ingenuity and conservation. By people, that is for both gamers and artists.”
– Daniel Price, Creator of Memphis Jookin G2G
memphis 2
This is a tracker image for the appThese are instructions:
1. Download on Android Play Store or iPad / iPhone App Store
2. Turn on the App
3. Point your phone camera at a tracker image in a bright setting until music and virtual environments display.
4. Use a crisp $1 or $5 bill if you do not have a printer
or this one
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