Mikaila Murphy | Dance Mogul Exclusive

Mikaila Murphy, better known by her millions of fans as Mikailadancer, is the body-positive dance sensation reaching stratospheric fame on TikTok. Mikaila’s 13.4 million followers can’t get enough of her freestyle, booty-shaking confidence, and cheeky content. You’ve never seen so many different ways to twerk and the internet is here for it. At age 21, this technically trained dancer, since age 3, has gone from struggling dance instructor juggling shifts at Target to newly minted social media millionaire with a thriving brand empire. Yes, her company, Mikailadancer LLC, has earned a whopping $1 Million in 2021 directly through her social media platforms. No, this is definitely not what your parents’ millionaire looked like, but welcome to the age of Gen Z social media leverage.

Dance Mogul Magazine had the pleasure to sit down with Mikaika and discuss her journey, surviving the pandemic and using dance and notoriety to purposefully bring attention to important issues in our industry. She also gave out some great advice and tips for those looking to grow using social media.



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